Feb 2, 2016

Random Acts of Kindness and Spirt Leadership Teams Synergize

As mentioned in my previous post, I am posting a picture of all of the "scraps" that were left over from our parent Christmas gifts.  Our two leadership teams did an outstanding job of synergizing together and we can't wait to deliver them to our neighbors later this week.  
We are the Findlay Trojans so we are helping our neighbors show some Trojan Spirit~

Jan 31, 2016

Leadership Teams Synergize To Make Spirit Snowmen From Leftover Scraps

At Christmas time, I made those adorable snowmen (thanks DeeDee) that the parents absolutely loved.  However, my husband didn't absolutely love this project at the end because his comment was what are you going to do with all of these leftover pieces of wood to get them out of "my" barn.  My comment was there is too much wood left to just throw them away and maybe we could make them smaller snowmen.
So when my leadership team, the random acts of kindness team, met Friday that was our mission.  We synergized with the spirit team which promotes our school mascot, the Findlay Trojans, and used our school colors to make Findlay Trojan Snowmen.  Our goal is that the kids will deliver these adorable Findlay Trojan Snowman next week to our school neighbors as a random act of kindness for being such great neighbors and spreading that Trojan Spirit.  I will put a final product picture up today, but here are some pictures of what our 2 teams looked like in just 30 minutes.  I will have to tell you all a little secret...I was sweating and we were pumping these 21 Trojan snowmen out pretty fast!!
These team members were synergizing together to make the Trojan Spirit card that will be dropped off with the snowman to the neighbors to explain our Leadership Project.

One of my colleagues thought that I needed to have my picture taken during this mass production.  So, yep that is mean with the blue and gold apron on working really hard!! 

While they were waiting to be a part of the production lines, they were synergizing together playing a fun snowman game with dice.  They loved it!!

Another picture of the synergizing snowman game.
 This project was so much for to complete with our leadership teams.  I can't wait to hear/see what our neighbors have to say about these little kindergarten-second grade students delivering these next week.  PLUS my husband was so happy that not a single scrap of wood is left in "his" barn!  What a win-win project.
I will post a picture today of the final project because my husband is helping me for a half hour today to finalize 100th day things which is Monday!  

Jan 11, 2016

7 Habits Tool Bags

Our school gives our students 7 Habits Tool Bags to take home to help them remember the 7 habits.  I used some beige and orange striped lunch bags that I found at Target to store the different items that we gave out this year to remind them of a specific 7 habit.  This year I designed a "cover" to staple to the front of the bag.  I also stapled a second page to the bag to remind them of the book that we read to incorporate the habit.  Here is what the outside of our bags looked like: 
Be Proactive:  We gave each student a stress ball.
Begin With The End In Mind:  Each student got a slide puzzle.
Put First Things First:  We gave them a recipe card that we made of course AFTER we made a strawberry shortcake in class.
Think Win-Win: Students were given a Findlay Trojan Leader Friendship Bracelet.
Seek First To Understand:  Students were given a tube of toothpaste to remind them that what toothpaste came out of the tube can't go back in just like our unkind words that can come out of our mouth.
Synergize:  We used old crayons and a crayon maker to melt the old crayons and made new ones.
Sharpen The Saw:  Students were given bubbles

Many of these items were ordered in bulk from Oriental Trade, some were donated from local dentist, and others were things that we had and chose to recycle.

We reviewed all of these last week along with the books that we read with each habit.  The students were so excited to be able to take them home and share their 7 Habits Tool Bag with their families!!  

Jan 9, 2016

Martin Luther King Word Wall Cards and Word Lists

Just finished planning for the upcoming week prior to celebrating the MLK holiday that next Monday.  We are going to do several MLK books, projects, and writings.  In order to help the kids with some of the pictures and words, we made a set of word wall cards/wordlists that can be used for this week's theme.  These cards are only a $1.00.  I copy them for the word wall and then laminate/cut.  In my students' wordlist folders, I just copy them and place them in a clear pouch.  Here is a sample of these word wall and wordlist cards: 

 The direct link for these cards on our TPT store is MLK Word Lists and Word Wall cards:  Click here.

Dec 6, 2015

Math Journals and Snowman Parent Gift Done!

Each month my students do a math journal that we read and discuss together.  We decide on key words/numbers that are needed to help us solve the problem with precision!  Each month I collect these math journals to look over their work.  I will have to say that each month I am impressed by what they are doing with math story problem.  At the beginning of the year there is lots of modeling.  Towards the middle of the year, there is very little help, and by the end of the year they are independent math problem solvers.  Here is a peek of what I found in grading my November Math Journals:
We have been talking about organization lately and this student definitely showed organization.

Love the picture, number, and number bonds to solve this word problem.

This particular problem shows comparing numbers.

Another comparing problem...gotta love the ears of corn illustration, too!!

A subtraction problem, but I just had to post this one because I ABSOLUTELY love this picture!!

3D or solid shapes are a great review in our November Math Journal. 

You still have time to grab your December Math Journal.  It is soooooo easy.  You place all 20 pages in the copier, hit print, staple, and you are done for the entire month!!  Since this is our focus item this week, we have it on sale in our TPT store until Tuesday, December 8.  You can grab it for $1.60.  Here is the direct link:  December Math Journal.
My parent projects are ALL DONE!!!  Thanks to an awesome student teacher who wrapped up her student teaching experience last week.  She helped me finish up our adorable Snowman Posts that I sent home on Friday.  I wanted to do a "winter theme" so that they could keep it up until February/March.  I got a text from one of my mom's that after her husband read the poem, he cried!!  I was inspired to make these from DeeDee Wills.  Check out her information on our last post about how to make them.  Here is what mine looked like:
 Up this week is Elf on the Shelf arriving...so much fun~