Dec 11, 2014

Olaf Parent Gifts

Today we wrapped up our Olaf paintings that we are going to be giving our parents this year for our Christmas gifts.  One of my besties came into my classroom 2 days in a row and taught them how to paint these.  She did 12 one day and 11 the other day in about 30 minutes each day.  The kids absolutely adore them and I am almost positive the parents will, too.  I am in the process of creating an Olaf gift tag and bag decorating to go with them.  I am soooo glad this part is off of the to do list and the wrapping is all that is left next week. 
I am not going to frame them, but I think they will look absolutely adorable in a wintery frame!!

Nov 30, 2014

Cyber Monday and Tuesday Sale...December Hot Items

It's hard to believe that we go back to school tomorrow after being off for 9 days straight.  Thanksgiving break is such an amazing time to spend time with family, put up Christmas decorations, and just time to relax.  I did all of those items, but can't wait for Cyber Monday deals!!
We are joining the rest of the TPT sellers and putting our entire store on sale for Monday and Tuesday, December 1 and 2. 
Some of our best December items are:

December Math Journal My students are basically totally independent of solving math problems based around the common core.  We read the prompt together, they solve, and they share/explain to a partner.  These are so easy to make each month.  Just pop them into the copier and you are done!!!
 Gumdrop Measurement is another hot sell this month.  Such a fun way to have students measure different objects.
All of our DIBELS items are another hot seller items in our TPT store.  Head on over to see all of the DIBELS products we offer. 


Nov 25, 2014

November Independent Writing Prompts and 6 Traits Writing Rubric

Be sure to check out some of our writing items in our TPT store.  Our monthly writing prompts and soooo easy to follow.  Just copy paper and you are ready to go!!  If your district uses the 6 traits of writing we have posters to and goal sheets to help drive students' writing.