Oct 1, 2015

Weather Unit Finished

My kids absolutely loved our weather unit.  Each day we read weather books and talked about different kinds of weather.  After talking about the weather we did 2 pages in our weather booklets.  We also used our word list to discuss weather vocabulary.  Here is a link to both of these items.  Our word cards have been updated recently.  
Weather and Season Word Cards and Word List for only $1.00.
Crafty Weather Unit for only $5.00.

Here are just a few of the samples from our booklets that we made this year.  We sang a tune and they loved reading/singing the weather song. 

Sep 26, 2015

Math Journals Developing Problem Solving Skills

Our district is using a new math program called Bridges.  I am loving all of the components of this program and the students are becoming quite independent with the work places.  I am also doing the monthly math journals that SueBeth and I created a couple of years ago.  These are so easy to make, just print and they are ready to go.  
Each day the students and I read the problem.  Once we read the problem, we go back and the students decide which words help them solve the problem and which words are what we call "fluff".  There are 20 pages in each month.  I do send them home after each month so that parents can see all of the problem solving that we have been doing.  Our district uses the state math diagnostic test as our SLO and the students do amazing on this test I feel due to all of the problem solving they have done each and every day.  
We are putting these math journals on sale starting today, Saturday, October 26 through Monday October 28.  We have not yet bundled these so you do have to buy each individual month.
These journals typically run $2.00 for each month, but you can get them now through Monday night for $1.60.  Again...no gluing, cutting, etc. all you need to do is throw them in the copier and they are done.  I do mine each summer for the entire year!! 
Here is the direct link to our TPT store which is also on our side bar:  Busy Bees TPT Store. 

Sep 1, 2015

Sketch Pads Ready

I just wrapped up making my Sketch pads for my kindergarten students.  I plan on using these several ways in my classroom.  Several students arrive in the morning as soon as the bell rings and get their "jobs" done leaving with them about 10 free minutes until the tardy bell rings.  A great friend, yes that's you Kim, suggested that I try these out in my classroom.  I think I am going to love them!!  The "rule" is only one page a "morning" and they must go left to right in the booklet.  I will also put them as a choice in my writing center once I open it up in the next week.  I love telling them that they are like authors and illustrators and have to have a sketch pad to write/draw their ideas so they don't forget them!  Maybe I need a sketch pad when I head upstairs and can't remember why I went upstairs!!  ha, ha

You have gotta love a husband who will help you cut the composition notebooks and a fabulous student teacher who helps you laminate the front covers!! Gotta love teamwork~

Aug 28, 2015

Bridges Math In Kindergarten and 7 Habits

Our district adopted Bridges Math for grades K-5.  We have been using it this week and the students absolutely love it.  We did a lot of sorting this week and really focused hard on the word attribute.  Today we all got to take off one shoe and discussed different ways to sort our shoes.  The students love think-pair-share to discuss different attributes with their friends.  Work places is another component of the Bridges Math.  The students loved exploring some new work places "centers" this week.  Number corner is another component of the program.  I was amazed at how much they absorbed this week of five frames, ten frames, and counting on from the 5 frame.  I think I am going to love this new math program!
Next week we will start our September Math Journals...check out our TPT store for a great easy math journal to help your students become great problem solvers!!
Since we are a Leader In Me School, we have been introducing the 7 habits this past week.  We read a book for each habit and did some kind of fun activity to help remind us of this habit.  The students loved signing their name to our kindergarten pledge.  


Aug 13, 2015

TEAM Monthly Goal Posters Posted In TPT

We have had many requests to put our TEAM monthly posters on TPT.  Well, we are happy to announce we did it!!!  These posters are editable, too!!  Here is how I use them~

Monthly Goals Placed In Homework Binder:
After the students and I write up our monthly goals and place them on my monthly TEAM poster in my room, I type them up (editable component in our TPT packet) and put them in a clear page protector.  I then place them into each child's homework binder in the front.  This allows parents to know about our monthly TEAM goals.

Monthly Goals In Room On Poster
I took these pages from TPT and had Walgreens make them into posters for me.  I believe I used the 16x20 size.  It is perfect because I bought a CHEAP poster frame and placed these monthly posters in the the frame.  This allows me to use a visa-via marker and write the goals with the kids.  When we are done, I can erase the marker from the poster frame and put the next month in the frame.  This allows me to buy the monthly posters one time and be able to use them ALL YEAR long!!!

Data Binders:
At the end of the month, I take out the monthly TEAM goal sheets from each child's homework binder.  We take them out of the clear pouch and place them into their Data Binders. 

Reflection For Data Binder:
At the end of the month, we reflect on how we did as a class on our TEAM monthly goals.  I use a chart piece of paper to write our results.  Once our results are in, I type up the results and send it home to parents so they can see how we have SCORED.  I also put this write up in the DATA Binder behind the monthly goal sheet.

Focus Wall
These goal sheets also go along with my focus wall.  I take my goals from my grade card and have them on my focus wall.  Then we keep "score" on how we are doing on these objectives.  The kids are self monitoring on how they feel they are doing on the goals.  Then once I assess the students on the goals, I write down our results on our SCORE CARD!!!

I will take pictures of all of this and post it today for you to see all of this in action!

Here is the direct link on TPT to purchase our Monthly Goal Charts:  click here.