Jun 16, 2011

2010-2011 Scrapbooks For My Kindergarten Students

Front Cover of Scrapbook

Monthy Description

End of the Year Poem

Each year in kindergarten I make the students scrapbooks from fun events that we do throughout the year. As we said in an earlier post our theme at our school last year was Gardens for our whole building, so I did a Garden of Learning as my theme in kindergarten. After the cover, the first page is a document describing what we did in August/September. Then I took a picture of each individual student out by a flower garden on the first day of school, a picture of each student with their Chester hat on, and a picture of each student with their Johnny Appleseed hat on holding an apple that they brought to do math activities for the week. Then the next page is the October document followed by the October pictures of the pumpkin patch, our Storybook character parade, and our class picture of our Storybook character parade, our 50th day of school picture, and our class field trip to a park. I guess we did a TON of fun things in October. If you would like me to give more information on these fun events, just leave me a message!! The first photo I have given you is the front cover which was done with my Cricut machine and rub on letters. The second photo is the August/September document that I explain each month, and the last photo is a poem I put in called Your flower. It makes me cry each year!! The parents and kids LOVE these scrapbooks!!!


Hamilton's Blog said...

I would LOVE your ideas for each month!! I did one of these last year with my classroom and I had parents come in and work with the children...but it took a very long time. I like your ideas...and of course your cover and description are sooo cute...MUCH cuter than i coud come up with.
My e-mail is jhamilton@nafcs.k12.in.us
Thank you so much in advance.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog too...HOW cute!!!
Jen in Indiana

Busy Bees said...

Jen~I emailed you my list of what picture I took this past year!! Thanks for the blog comments!!

Just My Life said...

I'm a 2nd year teacher and I am looking for a way to become a better teacher. I absolutely love the idea of doing a scrapbook and I was wondering if you could send me more information on how you did yours. Also, I was wondering what you about the students who come in the middle of the year? Where do you buy the actual scrapbook, or do you make these? How much does each scrapbook cost you? My e-mail address is tangelia.cannon@cmcss.net. Thank you for this great idea!!

meesabelle said...

How adorable and a fun way to reflect at end of year!

First Grade Frame of Mind

Lucia said...

That is a way better idea than what I have done! Plus then you don't have a whole bunch of pictures waiting to get printed! Can I please get the list for each month as well. I'm guessing they are photo albums correct?
lucylou2420 at gmail dot com