Jun 21, 2011

Data Binders/Portfolio Downloads Coming This Week

We met yesterday for several fun hours to clean up some of our stuff that we want to share with you on data binders/portfolios. I will share data binder information that I have been using in kindergarten for several years. SueBeth will share what she has been using in first grade/second grade for several years. We also have pictures of our final products to share with you so that you can see our data binders/portfolio information. We have graphs in excel and documents in word so we are keeping our fingers crossed that we won't have any problems uploading this on Scribd. If you have any suggestions on making this upload run smooth let us know!!
I have to run to my grandma's today to help(encourage) her to throw some stuff away!! YIKES!! I have been trying to go every Tuesday to do this with my aunt and my sister. So, if I get back early, I will head to SueBeth's to get these free downloads ready for you!!
Yipee!! We are featured today over at http://www.teachingblogaddict.com/ go check it out!!! Blogging is so addictive!!


Ashley Nichols said...

Can't wait to read and see your Data Binders!! :)


Busy Bees said...

We are going to upload in parts. So the first part should be uploaded tomorrow morning.

Hollie said...

I teach second grade and can't wait to see your Data Binders!!

Maryann said...

I really enjoy your blog and the wonderful ideas you share with us. When will you post pictures of your "cleaned Classroom"? I am also interested in the data binders. Are you posting on TPT for these?
Thanks so much!

Busy Bees said...

Maryann~I emailed you through our gmail account. I am just making sure that you got it!!

Caitlin said...

I am new follower! I am really interested in your data binder. I am a special education teacher and I am always looking for a more efficient way of taking data.