Jun 8, 2011

Getting There With Some Bumps

We have been working hard on learning all of this blog stuff.  It is new to us on how to upload documents for you all to enjoy for your own classrooms.  However, we are running into some bumps on uploading this information for you!!  Hopefully we will get through to you tomorrow with some free downloads of somethings we want to share.  We are working on sharing some repeated tasks that we do 4 times a year at the kindergarten, first grade, and second grade level.  We will also add some pictures for you to be able to "see" how we put these together for the parents at the end of the year.  So, please hang in there and let others know about our blog that we will be sharing things with you hopefully tomorrow!!  If you happen to know how to upload and are willing to share just either leave a comment or email me!! 
I have been working hard in my classroom this week organizing things.  Our daughter graduated last week from high school, so we worked like dogs getting ready for her party on Friday.  Now it is time to wrap up my classroom for this school year.
SueBeth's room was being cleaned today so she is going to be able to get into her room real soon!!  She is clear at the other end of the hall!!

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meesabelle said...

I'm so glad you are contributing these wonderful materials through blogging! I find so many things through blogs now but you are strengthening my assessment motivational piece! Thank you so much!

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