Jun 14, 2011

Free Repeated Tasks and New 2011-2012 Calendar Upload On TPT

Yesterday was a great day for us with blogging. We learned how to upload documents to our blog and TPT. We are now going through our files to see what is easiest for us to start sharing off of our computers since our rooms at school are being cleaned. Sue Beth has 37 pages to her 2011-2012 calendar for her 2011-2012 SMARTboard calendar this coming school year. I would love to buy it on TPT, but since I teach kindergarten in the same building I don't want to use the same things she does every day throughout the year. SueBeth is the best SMARTboard designer I have ever seen, so you might want to check our her entire year of SMARTboard calendar on our TPT website. I will upload a kindergarten version soon!! I just need her to fix some things for my calendar in kindergarten. We tried to give you thumbnail picture on our TPT website, but it didn't work. So if you actually click on the icon that says SMARTboard notebook to the left of the description it will show you some pages that she has designed. Take a peek, it is well worth the $5.
It was so exciting to see how many people have downloaded our repeated tasks for 2011-2012 school year. We left short little lines on some of the pages for your students to write in the dates. If you need any explaining to any of the pages as what goes on the lines, just ask. I typically make my pages into a separate book and SueBeth puts her pages into her Portfolios(Data Binders). They both are sent home at the end of the year and shared at conferences, IAT's, etc.
Other ideas that we plan on sharing in the next couple of days are our Portfolios(Data Binders) that we use. We have been using these Portfolios(Data Binders) for about 15 years. We have added some new things, but for the most part we have not had to change too much over the past 15 years. It is amazing how big they end up being at the end of the year to show the collection of learning that takes place throughout the year. The students love to share it with their families and can't wait to take them home. We promise that we will be using pictures by the end of this week!! We are just sorting through a lot of them to make sure that they don't contain any faces!!
I also do a kindergarten scrapbook and kindergarten memory book which I will share with you either later this week or next week. They turn out darling and the kids/parents just love these. Let's say that I love to scrapbook and do art projects so these 2 items end up being adorable that they even bring tears to my eyes!! So, yep you probably just figured out I am the "cutesy/artsy" person!! Everything of mine has to have some cutsey clipart added to it. I am not going to mention what my basement looks like or how many Cricuts and Cricut cartridges I own. I will never tell...well it's really I don't want to know how many I own!! I love all of the DJ Inkers, Digiwebstudio, Scrapindoodles,Lettering Delights etc. So watch out!!
Well enough information today, but keep stopping back!! New things and ideas daily that we are making or learning!!


Kristin Young said...

Maybe I'm not searching the right way but I can't find her store?! lol Would you mind posting a direct link?? I just got my SmartBoard in May and need to learn a LOT before going back in August! :) Thanks!

"Little Miss Glamour goes to Kindergarten"

Kristin Young said...

Just kidding. I was looking for her TpT store instead of going to yours...I found it! :) Do you have a picture or preview page so we can see what they look like? Thanks!

Busy Bees said...

There is a free preview download on TpT for the calendar pages. It includes a monthly calendar to show what the weather is like each day, graphs, number activities etc. There is more than you would probably want but lots to pick and choose from. If you have any questions about the calendar activities or just SMARTBoards in general we will do our best to help.

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