Jul 14, 2011

Big Day Today

WOW!! Let me tell you about my BIG day today. First my daughter helped me make my birthday "treat" for my kids next year. I told Rachelle, What The Teacher Wants, awhile back that I loved her balloon idea and I was going to do it with stars. So, here is my version with stars. I figured once I have names for my class list, I can either write them fancy with a marker or make labels. BTW I made 25 of them because I probably will have 25 students, but we only put a few in the container for right now so I could show them to you.

Tomorrow is our big garage sale day, so keep your fingers crossed that I get rid of a lot of stuff. Jordan, my daughter, and I have worked for the last few days getting ready for this big event!! It is Friday and Saturday.

Our next big event for today was finishing up my Mystery Number Bag. We posted earlier about a Mystery Letter Bag that we did throughout the school year explaining differentiated activities that I did throughout the school year. Well, we posted on our TPT store our Mystery Number Bag. I use this activity throughout the first couple of months of school for the kids to understand numbers and number sense. Again, there are differentiated activities to do with this Mystery Number Bag.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I learned how to use our blog button and our BUTTON UP on our blog. So, this means that we can start entering all of those fun giveaways that require you to place your blog button in order to win the prize!! Oh, what fun!!!

SueBeth has been at The University of Findlay all week for the Mazza Institute. This is where authors/illustrators come each day and speak. She is finished tomorrow and will be sharing some fun ideas she gathered from her week.


Rachelle said...

Turned out SO cute!!!!!

Linda McCardle said...

I love them!! Linda

Libby said...

I love the stars. Did you make the curly ribbons or did you buy them?

Precious Perks (Leigh) said...

Thanks for joining my blog. I am your newest follower!