Jul 17, 2011

Freebies Coming Soon

 A little birdie told us that we are almost to 200 followers!!  Maybe we should offer a fun giveaway when we reach this milestone.  We will have to put something together!! 

Both of our computers right now are giving us fits!!  Our plan today was to give some freebies for some graphs and some additional Daily Oral Language and Daily Oral Math activities.  However, we are working through some computer "errors" and will offer them as soon as we can.  Keep checking back, we promise they are coming your way!!

My garage sale was a huge success.  I have to share one story...A younger teacher came to our garage sale mid afternoon and wanted every teaching item I had at the sale.  She told me to make an offer and she would wipe me out!!  I made her a kind offer since she was beginning and she was so excited to start her new class.  She asked me if I was retiring...I filled her in on how teaching works.  You get rid of "old" and replace it with "new"!!   I told her this spending she was doing was only the beginning and check back with me again next year because I will have more "old" to get rid of!!

I will be attending class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week.  I will be learning new things about the SMARTBoard, Ipods, Ipads, and much more.  Look for some postings this week on new things I can share with you.  Hopefully I will learn why our computers are giving us some fits, too. 


tmarie said...

I can't wait to see what you learn about smartboards and ipods and ipads. I love my smartboard and would like to branch out into the ipod or ipad world. I think I will have to write a grant tho. I look forward to your future post!
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Janine said...

Thanks for following me on my mommy blog! We will be able to muddle through the first year of college together! I started following your teaching blog a short time ago and love it! Happy Sunday!