Jul 21, 2011

New Curtains Are Up and Hunks And Chunks Are Close

Even though it was 100 degrees today, SueBeth and I ventured into our classrooms to clean out.  I had a couple of missions.  I had sewed curtains to hang above all of my windows.  I got these curtains up and they pulled the room together.   Another mission I had today was to hang up my hunks and chunks that I got from Deanna Jump.  I bought 2 boxes of clips from IKEA thinking that would be plenty, so I only took 1 box in today.  Well, as you can see 1 box was not enough and I will be visiting IKEA again real soon because 2 boxes is not going to be enough either. 
As you can see, one box isn't going to cut it.

It was pretty amazing to SueBeth and I as we were discussing today that both of us were leaving to go with our families on vacation.  Well, it turns out that we both are headed in the same direction and the same town!!  How crazy is that!!  We laughed and laughed about finding this out.  Now as I look back, I think we both were just crazy from the heat!!

Like many of you, I bought the pocket charts from Target and thought now what am I going to do with these.  I went ahead and hung some of them today just to get them out of the bags.  We have some neat things planned for these when we get back from vacation early next week.
Some freebies coming next week to use for these pocket charts from Target!


meesabelle said...

Very nice! I am wondering, did you cover your windows to look like a bulletin board? That is very interesting to me.
First Grade Frame of Mind

Busy Bees said...

I did take those colored tri-fold cardboard that you buy at Hobby Lobby, etc. My husband cut them to fit the windows so that I could have more bulletin board space. My room is huge, but with limited bulletin board space. I have window space at the top and bottom now. Well, kind of the top since I just put up curtains.

Sheri said...

Love the curtains! I desperately need curtains iin my room to make them look better!

I'm enjoying your blog. I'm new to blogging...just started Monday! Come by sometime!


Anais Novak said...

Very nice! Enjoy your vacation.

Maryann said...

Your room looks great and very exciting to learn and also teach in. I love the idea about using the top part of the window for more bulletin space. One question about the "hunks and chunks" posters from Deanna-did you enlarge them before printing? The posters seem to look larger than when you print out from her web site.
By the way, enjoy your vacation time with your family!
Thanks so much and have fun!

Erin Buthlay said...

Your windows look awesome!
I was wondering what sort of string you use to hang the posters? I tried that last year, but used the wrong product and it did not look as nice as yours.
Thanks for your help!

Miki said...

I LOVE your blog!! I bought 6 of these pocket charts from Target...I would love ideas on how best to use them!! THANKS!!

rockisshell said...

I seen the curtains which are here posted and it is a nice one . I like the design and the colour of the curtains here.

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Mrs. Reimann said...

I love your curtains! I need more bulletin board space and now I know how to go about using the window space. Thank you for sharing!


Mrs. Reimann said...

Oh, how did you attach the poster/cardboard to the wall around the windows?



Curtains said...

It's good that you already have your December Goals. :-D I'm still in the middle of making them and it's already December!