Jul 18, 2011

WooHoo 200 Followers - Here's Some More Freebies

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We are so excited that we have hit the 200 followers mark!  In celebration ... even if it is just us doing the happy dance ... we have a couple more freebies for you.  Below are some graphs we have made.  There is a girls/boys graph and some age graphs.  We posted several so that hopefully we hit the ages of the students that will be in your class.  You could use these graphs several times during the year and discuss why the results are different.  We also posted another free item in our TPT store.  It is called - A Mixture of Daily Oral Language, Math and Analogies.  We put a 20 day sample for you to have.  We hope if it meets your needs and expectations you will consider buying our full year's worth of Oral Language, Math and Analogies.  You only need to print one copy and the work is done.  Students can use scrap paper or dry erase boards as they rewrite, edit, figure out, and/or solve the daily challenge.

After a week at a summer conference I am heading into school to try and make some sense of the mess I have.  Maybe some pictures later.  Robynn got lots done last week in her room.  This week she'll spend time sitting and thinking about all she has left to do while she is at a professional development inservice.  Hopefully she will learn enough to make it seem worthwhile.

Boys and Girls Graph and Age Graphs.docx”


Karen said...

Love these! Definately can use these with my k class. Thank you for your generosity!

Camille said...

Just downloaded your graphs and they are wonderful! But I had to laugh (laugh? sigh? shake my head?) because you obviously don't teach in California. Kinder teachers out here need a graph with a four on it. I will be starting the year with a few four year olds. Our cut off in in December - that's right. To start kinder in August 2011, a child must be turning five by December 2011. That will be changing soon, but not for three more years. Triple sigh.

Thanks for letting me gripe. Now back to my beautiful sunny day in my beloved state with the great weather.
An Open Door

meesabelle said...

Congrats to you and thanks for the awesome downloads! I've just hit 50 followers and will be posting a giveaway soon!
First Grade Frame of Mind

Mrs. Jackson said...

These are super adorable! I can't wait to use these in the beginning of the year!

Love, Hugs, and Ladybugs