Aug 31, 2011

Class Mission Statement

Yesterday I posted about having a class mission statement each year. Today we talked about our mission statement...We "Aaaaargh" kindergarten friends trying to do "Aaaaargh" best. I was not able to take a picture of the class today due to one of my students being absent. However, I can't share faces of my class on this blog, so I thought I might as well share how it looks. I will add an 8X10 picture of the class and have them all sign the mission statement. We talk about our statement every day.

Yesterday we also talked about our Bucket Fillers/Bucket Dippers chart. We had a good discussion while we were listing some of the ideas.

Today was the first day that I had all of my students(well, except for the one that was absent) so we worked hard on discussing our class rules. Tomorrow we will finalize these rules and the students will help write these rules so that they have even more ownership in these rules. Hopefully our next blog I will be able to share some completed projects.

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