Aug 8, 2011

Classroom To Do Lists

We both worked all day today in our classrooms with the intent to cross off as many items on our To Do lists as possible.  I started with 42 items listed, crossed off 12 and only added 4.  So that was progress! Over half of the items I have left can't be accomplished until I have my class list and our special's schedule.  So that just becomes a waiting game.  As soon as the color printer was back up and working, Robynn was checking all kinds of things off of her list.  I think her computer is giving a sigh of relief now that she can get some of those printing jobs off of her desktop!

As I looked around my room today I realized how many words I had 'hanging around'.  Guess the kids will have things to read no matter where they look!
These are the students individual bulletin boards that they will fill and/or decorate.

School Mission Statement - Together we celebrate doing our best to be respectful responsible learners.

Bulletin Board Inside the Door

Reminder Above the Door

Outside the Classroom - After I get my class list I will add stars around the words.

Since our school theme this year is Lighting the Way to Learning, I decided to use stars and 'light' words that go along them - Sparkle, Twinkle, Glow, Shine.  As you know Robynn is decorating with Pirates (Following the Light to Find the Treasure of Learning).  Other classes are decorating with flashlights, lightbulbs, fireflies, lights camera action, suns and rainbows, and lighthouses.  Every class is going their own way but we will all be tied together with the words Lighting the Way.


The Peterson Family said...

I love the idea of having a school-wide yearly theme for everyone to tie back into, but still able to put their own personal twist on it. Fabulous job with your stars. Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Peterson's Room

Kenji Maria said...

How did you make the letters? Thanks.