Aug 3, 2011

Giveaway Ends Tomorrow...Anyone Have This Problem

We just wanted to remind you that our Giveaway that we posted about on August 1 will end tomorrow night (Thursday, August 4).   We will announce the winner on Friday, August 5.  A great opportunity to win 3 items from our TPT store for free!!

Ok, one of my summer projects the last couple of years has been wanting to take the million cassette tapes that I have purchased to go along with books to CD's.  Well, just like my home movies, it has never happened.  So, the other day when we were at Best Buy to buy our daughter's computer for college, I took one of my cassette tapes in(hid it in my purse) to show the sales person what I was trying to do.  I was hoping for my daughter's sake of purchasing a computer we would get a young sales person who knew a lot about computers HOWEVER, for my cassette question I was hoping that I would get someone "old" enough who would even know what a cassette was and looked like!! 

Well, we did get the young sales person to help Jordan out with purchasing a new computer and then I went to look for an "older" person to help me with my task.  It only took 2 sales people who worked together to solve my problem.  They said that I could very easily convert my cassettes into CD's very easy if I bought this program.  Well, Jordan and I are going to try it either Friday or this weekend.  They told me that it was "very easy" to do, so I will let you know how it goes.  The only thing we will need is a tape player and a computer to download our program.  Has anyone else done this conversion from cassettes to CD's.  I just thought it was easier to store the CD's in the back of the book instead of digging through and trying to find the cassette that matches the book in a large pile.

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Fran said...

I'm anxious to see if it works and how it easy it is. I have a lot of books/tapes. I'm going to really date myself. I have a lot of LPs that I'd like to convert to CDs. We just bought something similar from Radio Shack. I think I might have to do an extra step. Something about it converts them to mp3 files and I would need to do something before putting them on a CD.

Amy said...

I have been using that exact program - super easy! I have all my book files stored on the computer and when a CD gets to scratched or won't play I make a new copy! LOVE IT!! I've started converting for all my co-workers as well. It does take some time as you have to let the tape play to record it.

Kelly B aka Queen Bee! said...

Will you please let me know how this works out for you? I so need to do this too!

Fitbecky said...

There is also free software that you can download called Audacity. That will convert your cassettes too.


Crystal said...

I've also used the free program Audacity. All you need is a cable to connect your computer to a cassette player.

Kelly B aka Queen Bee! said...

Could you tell me what kind of cable it is that I need to connect the cassette player to the computer? Thanks!

Lauren Morse said...

I haven't tried to convert my tapes to CD, but I have been buying the listening CDs from Scholastic. The best part-- I've been loading the books to my iTunes. Now my kids use the iPod to listen to books during Daily 5. No CDS or tapes to worry with. Plus, they can choose any book they want. I have used the iPod for two years. It works really well!
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Laura said...

I did this using audacity a few years ago. I skipped making the cds-just went for mp3 players (kid's ipods). The sound quality of some of my tapes isn't great though (the older ones, I suspect). I also had a lot of books on cd and I copied them to my computer and put them on the mp3 players. So now I have toteboxes with 12 books and one player each. The kids can choose any book, find the matching mp3, and listen. If they finish before the time is up, they can choose another one. I labeled my books with A1, A2, etc. and the matching mp3 has the same label so the kinders can find them. It felt like a long process, though.

sgriffiths said...

Did you get this done? Was it easy? Would like to do this also.