Aug 11, 2011

Mini Pocket Charts

We have noticed that there seems to be a decrease of action on lots of blogs. Is this because so many of us are in our rooms getting ready for the beginning of the year?!? We know that is keeping us busy.

We have created two more sorting activities that can be used with the mini pocket charts. One is 'set two' of our two way sorting activities. This one includes additional sorting prompts and a set of second grade sight words. The other new activity is three way sorting with names. It is sized to be used in the mini pocket charts and is a good introduction to using Venn diagrams. We also created a set of homework activities that will support both Letter Naming Fluency and Initial (or First) Sound Fluency. Check out these new items (Letter Naming Fluency and Initial Sound Fluency Homework, Three Way Sorting with Names, Two Way Sorting Set 2 Sight Words, Names, and More) at our TPT store. Each for only $1.00.

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