Aug 25, 2011

Blog Hoppin TGIF Open House and Back to School Bags

This year we ran our before school Open House a little bit differently.  For the past several years we have had a sit down meeting with the parents while our principal had a 'meeting' with the kids.  Then the kids would be released to the rooms to meet us and look around the room.  This year instead of having separate starting spots for the parents and the kids we had everyone come straight to the rooms.  We then gave them a scavenger hunt to complete together.  This gave them a chance to move around the room while finding out some information about the classroom and routines we would be having throughout the school year.  Steps on the scavenger hunt were different in each room to fit each teacher's needs.  Here are the clues that I had my students and parents complete.

Scavenger Hunt 2011-2012

The parents and the students seemed to enjoy the evening and were able to gain some information without sitting and listening to us talk and talk and talk.  If we have the same format next year I would change the order of a few of the clues but would keep the format the same. 

We put together some Back to School Bags with a few little treasures.  We gave those to the kids and gave the parents the folder FULL of papers that they needed to fill out.  In some ways it seems like parent abuse to make then fill out so many forms!

If anyone is interested in the little 'poems' we put on the front of the bags we would be happy to share!

The kids ended their time at the gym and got a popsicle from the principal.  Ahhh.  Life is good!


Alessia Albanese said...

Such cute ideas! I would love a copy of the poem you use...

Thanks so much!

Ѽ Alessia
Mrs. Albanese’s Kindergarten Class

Kim and Scott said...

I LOVE the pirate poem on the goody bag. I would love a copy! Thanks for sharing! Very creative!

Kim from :


Theresa said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog.
Your back to school bags are super duper cute. Thanks for sharing.

Ali said...

That poem is really cute! I would love a copy to use with my students!

Thanks for sharing!


ullash said...

I love it!!! Thanks for the tutorial!!!! hugs

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