Aug 23, 2011

Open House, Meetings, Getting Our Rooms Ready and Blog Hoppin

It has been a couple of days since we last posted.  We had plans to post, but we have been in full speed of getting our rooms ready, Open House, and lots of meetings.  My husband and I sent off both of our kids to college on Thursday of last week.  So, it has been pretty quiet around our house and I am going to have to get used to it.  I guess when my kindergarten students come next week, I will appreciate the quiet time at home!!

We both had Open House last night.  Our theme for our entire school is "Lighting The Way".  I am doing a Pirate theme and SueBeth is doing a star theme.  We took pictures and will share these this week!! 

Today we were in meetings for most of the day.  Our school officially starts tomorrow.  Kindergarten students and families will come at designated times tomorrow for screening.  They will stay about an hour.  Then we will screen again on Thursday morning leaving some time Thursday afternoon to assess our screening results.  Friday will be a day that we will meet together as a kindergarten team to discuss our units and goals for the school year.  Then on Monday 1/2 of my class will come, Tuesday the other 1/2 will come, and finally on Wednesday my whole class will be there.  I can't wait to start all of the fun projects we have planned for the upcoming school year.   How does your school conduct kindergarten screening?  What things do you test?

Love the new blog "Blog Hoppin".  We did not participate in the Meet The Teacher because we both were working in our rooms yesterday and had Open House.  So we can participate in today's topic~
What Advice Do We Have For New Teachers...
1.  Communication with parents is the best way to win them over and keep them on your side.  You can do this through class newsletters, notes home, and emails.  Keep them informed!!

2.  Be positive with your students...believe in every student that steps foot in your classroom.  You may be the only positive role model that they have in their life.  Even though some can be challenging, remember your job is to make them the best they can be and believe in them!!

3.  At the beginning, take time to establish classroom rules and procedures.  I took a Responsive Classroom Workshop and learned that you have to practice EVERYTHING with the students for the first 6 weeks of school, then you will be amazed how independent your students are after all of this practice and modeling.

4.  Don't be afraid to ask veteran teachers questions.  They have a lot of experience that they can help you get through your first year.

5.  Last but not your job as a teacher because it is the greatest gift that you have been given.  However, always put your family first because from my experience this past week of having the empty nest now in our house...enjoy your family because they grow up way too fast!!

Have a great school year!!

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