Aug 30, 2011

Tomorrow's The Big Day

Monday I had 11 of my students all day, and today I had the other 11 students all day. So tomorrow I have all 22 and I am so excited about starting our school year. The last 2 days we worked hard on classroom procedures that I learned through Responsive Classroom training several year ago. We modeled how many times to push the soap dispenser, how many times to pull the towel dispenser, how to use our glue bottles, scissors, pencils, etc. It is amazing how confident the kids are when you can really focus on things with 11 kids all day. The same modeling takes place at lunch time when they have to go through the cafeteria line. The kids will feel like pros tomorrow when everyone in the class is present. This daily modeling for the next several weeks produces a strong community of learners who want to take responsibility and have pride in our classroom and school environment.

The Kissing Hand was our morning focus. We made Chester headbands, completed a comprehension activity, and brainstormed what we thought Chester might do on his second day of school. We will complete more activities tomorrow which I can post some pictures for you to see our different activities. I took our first day of school pictures today of each child individually.

After lunch I read our book about Bucket Fillers/Bucket Dippers. The kids were glued to the book and were so excited about being bucket fillers. It was amazing how smooth my days went on both Monday and Tuesday. I posted earlier about how I was implementing my class community building through bucket filler/bucket dipper goals each day. I will have to say it was a huge success the last 2 days on being bucket fillers all day.

Another community building project that we will discuss tomorrow is our class mission statement. This is a statement that we can easily say so that when we have issues come up, we can recite our mission statement together. Tomorrow I will take a class picture since everyone will be here, we will all sign the mission statement, and we will post our mission statement/picture/signatures outside of our classroom. Our mission statement typically goes like this...We are kindergarten friends trying to do our best. This year since I am doing a pirate theme, I will probably say ...We "Aaaaargh" kindergarten friends trying to do "Aaaaaargh" best! I will share this community builder project tomorrow.

Hope you are enjoying your new classroom. How are you building a classroom of community learners in your room?

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Annie said...

Can you tell me a little about why you do two first days with 1/2 your class? It sounds wonderful! Have you always done it that way, what is the reasoning?