Sep 27, 2011

Apple Unit Fun and October Math Journal On TPT

We have officially started our fun apple unit.  The students have been having a blast.  Our goal each day is to have an "apple"snack then on Friday we will be voting on our favorite apple snack.  Applejacks, caramel apples, applesauce, apple pie, plain apples, and apple cider are snacks that are on our list.  Some students had never tried apple pie before and thought it was delicious!!
We played some of our fun TPT Apple Unit games today.  Our Alphabet game the students did a great job of matching the capital letters and lowercase letters.  I gave each child a turn and EVERYONE matched their apple perfect.  We also reviewed the sounds that the letter makes.  After we all agreed on the match, we wrote our answers down on the provided sheet(in our TPT packet too) and practiced writing our capital and lowercase letters.  I pulled this document and copied it onto my SMARTBoard and it was a great model for the students.
Another fun game we played today was our math spinner game which is on our TPT store, too.  The students were able to spin the spinner and whatever color it landed on, we graphed it together.  Again, the students had their own copy of this graph and I pulled my copy up on the SMARTBoard.  Boy did they ever sit quietly when I told them that I can only call on quiet people to spin and color my graph in on the SMARTBoard.  We completed this activity towards the end of the day and the students said they couldn't wait to play it again tomorrow.  
We have finished up our October Math Journal Packet which is ready to go on TPT.  This journal is ready to go for teachers.  Just download it and put it right on the copier.  NO CUTTING.  I will share what it looks like tomorrow on our blog.  It reviews many math items!!  Can't wait to copy it tomorrow to have it ready to go for Monday!!     

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Pam said...

Love this! I am heading over to check out your TPT unit right now!