Sep 3, 2011

FREE Apple Graph and Spinners

Starting to think about my apple unit coming up, so SueBeth made me some wonderful spinners and a graph to go along with my unit. She added 4 smaller graphs, too so that if you want to play with partners or just want smaller spinners they are available. I can't wait to print and laminate them!! The clip art came from Kirsten at KPMDoodles. I don't plan to start my apple unit for another week or two, but wanted to start to get some things organized.

Last year our secretary found some wonderful spinners too that weren't that expensive that I love to use. I will check with her next week and let you all know where she purchased these from for me!! They work wonderful and I use a special scrapbooking tool to punch the hole. I use these for all of my spinners and love it!!

Apple Graph and Spinners

We plan on putting more pictures up next week on projects that we have been working on. I just started with kiddos on Wednesday, so we have really been focusing on routines, rules, etc. Lesson plans say that next week I need to get started on focusing on names, starting our reading series, and math series.


Karen said...

We play an everyday math game that uses a spinner made with a pencil you hold on a paperclip. Would that work?

Busy Bees said...

I do use pencils and paperclips sometimes, but I also like to use "real" spinners sometimes so that they are sturdy. It's my obsessiveness coming out! Thanks for the tip. LOL

Amber Unger said...

Man! Planning my "Apple" unit for this year is going to be a breeze with help and freebies from all thesse great teachers like YOU! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

Janae said...

Thanks for the freebie. I've always loved my apple unit, and now it just keeps getting better! :)

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