Sep 4, 2011

Out Of This World Blogs

Top 10 TBA

We saw this idea over at Teaching Blog Addict and thought it was a great opportunity to have some "Shout Outs" to some blogs that we do go to for many resources. Again, it can't be any blogs that have already won this here are our top 10 blogs.

1. Mrs. Jump's Class Blog was one of the very first blogs that I started following over a year ago. I first started following her class website and loved it, then it eventually led me to her class blog. I go here often to get many creative ideas.

2. Mrs. Lee's Blog has been a blog that I have followed over a year, too. She has been so kind, is very creative, and answers any questions that I have right away!!

3. Kindergals...What can we say. It is a brand new spanking blog and we love it. Soooo many creative ideas!!

4. The First Grade Parade...We have been following Cara over a year, too and all we can say is we think she gets more creative each day!!

5. Growing Kinders...I have been buying Kathleens's things on TPT for the past year and love her creative projects!!

6. What The Teacher Wants...Such a great blog with a wide range of materials to choose from and one of our first followers!!

7. Mrs. Mayas Kinders This is Julie Lee's team mate need I say more. So fun to go to go to her blog and get fun ideas.

8. Fabulous In First...If you need to add some color in your classroom take a look at this great blog. We both love primary colors in our classroom and Michelle definitely provides color.

9. Little Literacy Learners...One of the blogs that we found this summer and was so kind to honor us with an "Award" for a new blog that inspires her.

10. Doodle Bugs Teaching This blog started about the same time that we did this summer and can't believe all of the GREAT ideas that she shares. I have a file full of great ideas that she has given on her blog.

Realizing ourselves the dedication it takes to have a blog, we felt that it was a little something that we could "give back" to these teachers who has given us so much over the past several days or years. THANK YOU!!!


Doodle Bugs Paper said...

thank you so much :o)

Jamie Mayas said...

Thank you so much! You are to sweet! ;)

Mrs. McKown said...

Awww...thanks so much ladies! Love your blog!

❤Mrs. McKown
Little Literacy Learners

Rachelle said...

You all are so sweet! I feel so blessed to have such great blogging buddies!!!!!!! Love your blog and I can't say enough about how great it is!!! THANKS!!!