Oct 31, 2011

Moon Munching

As we finished our unit on Sun, Moon, and Stars we spent some time Moon Munching.  We used Oreos to create the phases of the moon.  It was a tasty way to represent knowledge and learning.

Here are two different worksheets that show the phases.  This year we used the first one.

Phases of the Moon

Oct 23, 2011

TPT "TREAT" SALE CONTINUES and a Halloween Positional Words Freebie

Last night while my hubby was watching football, I decided to plan out my last October week of fun. 2-D shapes, 3-D shapes, and positional words have been our math focus the last few weeks.  For math this week I am finishing up Julie Lee's monster theme, our October Math Journal, completing pages in our Shape Book, along with our freebie graphs we have offered. As you can see, I am going to keep my kiddos quite busy this week with math skills. Friday is the end of our 9 weeks, so I will be wrapping up any math assessing that I need to finalize.

Here is a fun positional words review activity which makes the kids make application of these skills. We made the review worksheet totally ready to copy on the copier. As always, please leave a comment if you take this fun freebie.

Halloween Positional Words Worksheet.docx”

Pumpkin Patch Week

We went to the pumpkin patch on Friday.  This week in Science, I am integrating math/science by completing our Pumpkin Patch Individual books and "Our Class Pumpkin" activities.  I plan on sharing these individual book pictures with you throughout this week.  Measuring, predicting, counting, graphing, reviewing the life cycle of a pumpkin, conducting experiments, etc.  What a fun week planned!

Due to VERY WET conditions, we went on a hayride in the grass area, but had to pick our pumpkins out of boxes.  This was a new farm we went to this year and it was awesome.  We were there from 10:30-2:15. 

Oct 22, 2011

Is It A Trick-or-Treat...It's a TPT Sale Treat and Freebies

Here are a couple of freebies. We hope you enjoy using them and we hope you head over to our TPT SALE!! We would love to hear from you on things you like or things you would like to use the next few weeks heading into November.

This week we are going to start working on segmenting really hard.  I am going to use these eyeballs that I purchased from Dollar Tree.  They are blue, yellow, and red eyeballs.  I used blue, green, and red markers to write letters on the eyeballs.  I will sort these eyeballs in bowls/bags by those colors for the kids to pull out 3 different eyeballs to write the letters.  Then they will segment the word/nonsense word and read it.  I could also use these eyeballs for word families that we do and different vowel rules.  I will take pictures this week of this activity.  I am headed to Target right now!!

Eyeball Worksheet with Boxes.docx”

This graphing freebie goes with those Halloween erasers from Dollar Tree.  More pictures to come this week from this freebie.
Graphing Halloween Erasers.docx”

Oct 20, 2011

Fun Freebie Math Activity Based On DOTS CANDY

I was out this afternoon for a building leadership team meeting so my substitute was teaching math and we are going to the pumpkin patch all day tomorrow. So, I will have to do this DOT candy math activity next week. I purchased the candy size individual boxes for each child to have their own which I found at Dollar Tree. This activity could be used in a center with individual boxes or you could have more control and the teacher use one large box of DOTS to complete together as a whole group. We will review sorting, graphing, analyzing data from the graph, and number recognition with this activity.  If you download this activity, please leave us a comment.  Enjoy!!

We have more fun freebies coming tomorrow, so don't miss out on the fun!

DOTS Sorting and Graphing .docx”

Oct 19, 2011

Pumpkin Life Cycle Booklets and 2-D/3D Shapes Booklet

Just got home from my last conference!!  We have had conferences from 4-8 4 nights the last couple of weeks.  I will be doing the happy dance come Monday of Thanksgiving week when I can walk out Monday with the kids and have a 6 day vacation. 

We have been working hard this week on preparing for the pumpkin patch.  I was "preparing" my camera for pictures at the pumpkin patch and remembered I had Columbus Day Activities that I wanted to delete, so I decided to go ahead a share them, too. 

Today was day 2 of my shape booklets and the students are loving it and learning so much.  They really can compare these shapes, tell the number of vertices, count the number of faces, etc.  More pictures to come on this topic!!

Student working on coloring his illustrations in his pumpkin life cycle book.

Students working hard on illustrating their pumpkin books.

Front cover of our pumpkin booklets.

Step one and step two of the pumpkin life cycle.

Step three and four of pumpkin booklets.

Step five and six of our pumpkin books.  We are learning this information so that we have prior knowledge before we go to the pumpkin patch on Friday!!

Reading, discussing, and solving our daily math journal page together.  We also butter popcorn words and circle key words that will hep us solve the problem.

Our shape booklets that are on our TPT store.  These booklets contain both 2-D and 3-D shapes. 

We started our booklets today after about a 2 week study of 2-D and 3-D shapes.  I was truly amazed at how much my kiddos knew about these shapes.

Sample pages of our cube page we discussed and completed together. 

Check out the precise drawing of a cube!!  I guided the students on how to make a cube and I was thrilled at how well they followed directions!!

Last week we started our version of a "KWL" chart during our Christopher Columbus unit.  We added to our chart throughout the week, but I forgot to take pictures!!

Students worked on a graph about their favorite apple snack that we had during our apple unit.

Students were analyzing their data in order to answer questions about these snacks.

One of the best parts of our Columbus Day unit was making these boats.  Totally a Pinterest steal!!

The students really enjoyed these tasty snacks.  We used jello for the water.  Cool whip for the waves.

We used an orange slice for the boat, a stir stick and triangle for the sail.  We had to incorporate those 2-D and 3-D shapes during this fun snack!!  The cup was a cylinder shape, the stir stick had a sphere on the top, the orange slice came from a sphere, and the triangle was a 2-D shape.

Oct 15, 2011

Ipads/Ipods Center Activities and Shape Ideas Added To Our TPT Store

We have been working hard on many other center activities, but Ipads/Ipods are by far every student's favorite.  I only had to take 5 minutes to explain to them how to use them and where we were going to store them.  I have not had one problem over the last 2 weeks.  It is definitely a great tool for me to use when I see someone sitting quietly and have time for them to use the ipods/ipads!!  Great way to catch kids being good and keeping everyone on target.

We got a total of 6 new ipods. 

Here are our 2 new ipads that we got for our classroom.  As you can see I have downloaded additional apps for the students to learn for the next few months.

Here is one of my students enjoying playing a game on the ipad.

Here is a student using one of our ipods.  I purchased the protective covers, sheets, and pencil pockets for the ipods.  I am hoping this will help preserve the life of these wonderful tools.

Another fun center is using the SMARTBoard to write our names, numbers, playing reading games, practicing poems, etc.

 This coming week we will be working hard on our updated math domain of Geometry.  We have already posted a fun game on positional words on our TPT store that I will show students using next week.  I have been very busy this morning making different shape activities that we will be offering for free this coming week on our blog.  I am one of the kindergarten math chairs for our district and we have a meeting this Wednesday for all of our kindergarten teachers on these new Geometry standards.  So, I have been real busy the last week making all new things for these new standards.  SueBeth has been very busy helping me with these fun activities and games.  Check out some of the items we have added to our TPT store on shapes. 
This past week we started our monster centers.  I broke the number centers into 0-10 and 11-20  so that all learners could be successful with counting and recognizing numbers.

This student is almost finished with matching the numbers and monster cards.  I was watching her do it and was thrilled when I saw her self correct.  She said, "I certainly don't have two 7's, so I must have made a mistake."  Don't you love it when they self correct in math and not just reading!!  Great problem solver!!
This past week we were both very busy with our fall conferences.  We had them Tuesday and Thursday night last week.  This coming week we will have them Monday and Wednesday night.  Typically we always had them on Monday night and all day 8-8 on Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  We felt this was way too late to talk with primary parents about concerns, so the past few years we started doing it earlier.  The parents love it, and the teachers do, too.  It is great to walk out with the students on that Monday of Thanksgiving week and have a longer Thanksgiving break. 

Oct 9, 2011

Freebie...Numbers and Standards Practice AND My 1000 Arrows Have Arrived

I have tried the paper clip and pencil thing...but for some reason I am not happy with it. The last time I ordered my arrows, they were pretty pricey and I used them like hot cakes so they didn't last very long. So, I have been doing some research and found where I could purchase the arrows and what I felt a great price. The minimum order is 1000. Most of the time, my dear husband doesn't know about these obsession purchases I have but this time I twisted his arm and he bought them for me!! The true story is he gets home from work before I do and I didn't know how big of a box that he would see sitting at our back door!!(ha, ha). He gets those big box surprises around this time through Christmas and always wonders what it is I bought!! Last year I bought 16 wreaths from QVC and "forgot" to tell him. My kids and I hid when he came home from work. It was hilarious to see his face when he walked through the garage to see 16 large wreath boxes stacked in our garage!! OK enough of the family joke about me buying things and having them arrive and forgetting to tell my husband!! Well, the 1000 game arrow box was quite small if you wanted to know!!

It was my handy husband who told me to use my scrapbook hole puncher to put those holes in the middle of my games. He was watching me try to take a sharp "poker" one night in the basement to make those center holes. He got up off of the couch and brought my scrapbook hole puncher gadget to me and said, "Watch...this will work perfect". Guess what~It did. I bought this gadget several years ago at Hobby Lobby and I know that you can use a 40% off coupon for this machine. It is wonderful for many uses!!

This week we will be working on 2-D and 3-D Shapes. The standards also want us to be calling them flat and solid shapes. Watch for some great ideas coming this week as freebies and on our TPT store. We are basing all of these activities off of the NEW Math standards, so it has taken us awhile to make new activities. We can use some of the old, but there are MANY new ones that are taking us some time to develop.

Our last unit was on recognizing numbers 0-10. Now that we can recognize them, I developed a little practice worksheet that will allow us to make application of these numbers. This worksheet is designed for us to use with the numbers 0-20.

Preview of “Microsoft Word - My number is.docx”