Oct 20, 2011

Fun Freebie Math Activity Based On DOTS CANDY

I was out this afternoon for a building leadership team meeting so my substitute was teaching math and we are going to the pumpkin patch all day tomorrow. So, I will have to do this DOT candy math activity next week. I purchased the candy size individual boxes for each child to have their own which I found at Dollar Tree. This activity could be used in a center with individual boxes or you could have more control and the teacher use one large box of DOTS to complete together as a whole group. We will review sorting, graphing, analyzing data from the graph, and number recognition with this activity.  If you download this activity, please leave us a comment.  Enjoy!!

We have more fun freebies coming tomorrow, so don't miss out on the fun!

DOTS Sorting and Graphing .docx”

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Louanne said...

Love this! /thanks for sharing! :)
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