Oct 15, 2011

Ipads/Ipods Center Activities and Shape Ideas Added To Our TPT Store

We have been working hard on many other center activities, but Ipads/Ipods are by far every student's favorite.  I only had to take 5 minutes to explain to them how to use them and where we were going to store them.  I have not had one problem over the last 2 weeks.  It is definitely a great tool for me to use when I see someone sitting quietly and have time for them to use the ipods/ipads!!  Great way to catch kids being good and keeping everyone on target.

We got a total of 6 new ipods. 

Here are our 2 new ipads that we got for our classroom.  As you can see I have downloaded additional apps for the students to learn for the next few months.

Here is one of my students enjoying playing a game on the ipad.

Here is a student using one of our ipods.  I purchased the protective covers, sheets, and pencil pockets for the ipods.  I am hoping this will help preserve the life of these wonderful tools.

Another fun center is using the SMARTBoard to write our names, numbers, playing reading games, practicing poems, etc.

 This coming week we will be working hard on our updated math domain of Geometry.  We have already posted a fun game on positional words on our TPT store that I will show students using next week.  I have been very busy this morning making different shape activities that we will be offering for free this coming week on our blog.  I am one of the kindergarten math chairs for our district and we have a meeting this Wednesday for all of our kindergarten teachers on these new Geometry standards.  So, I have been real busy the last week making all new things for these new standards.  SueBeth has been very busy helping me with these fun activities and games.  Check out some of the items we have added to our TPT store on shapes. 
This past week we started our monster centers.  I broke the number centers into 0-10 and 11-20  so that all learners could be successful with counting and recognizing numbers.

This student is almost finished with matching the numbers and monster cards.  I was watching her do it and was thrilled when I saw her self correct.  She said, "I certainly don't have two 7's, so I must have made a mistake."  Don't you love it when they self correct in math and not just reading!!  Great problem solver!!
This past week we were both very busy with our fall conferences.  We had them Tuesday and Thursday night last week.  This coming week we will have them Monday and Wednesday night.  Typically we always had them on Monday night and all day 8-8 on Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  We felt this was way too late to talk with primary parents about concerns, so the past few years we started doing it earlier.  The parents love it, and the teachers do, too.  It is great to walk out with the students on that Monday of Thanksgiving week and have a longer Thanksgiving break. 


Kerri said...

What are some of the apps you use with ipod for your students? I'm thinking of using my for my listening center.

Busy Bees said...

ABC Alphabet, ABC Phonics, Build A Word, I Write Words, Math Bug, Spelling Bug, Spelling Bug 2, Spelling Bus, Teach Me Kindergarten, Number Math, and a couple more. I need to search for a shape one because we are doing shapes next week. Let me know what you find!

Deedee Wills said...

I am so jealous! I would love to have ipods or ipads!

Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Maryann said...

Hi Robyn!
I love the idea of using the IPODS and IPADS in the classroom. DId you have to fill out a paper stating the reason using this type of technology in the classroom? My district wants ups to apply-any tips that would help me to get these for a kindergarten classroom. If you have time to share, I woudl appreciate it!

Rebecca said...

I just got two ipads in my classroom! Thanks so much for sharing how you use yours!

Busy Bees said...

I did have to fill out paper work for my district. It was actually an application form. It was ways that we currently use technology in our classroom. I have a SMARTBoard and computers in my classroom. Now I have the addition of 6 ipods and 2 ipads to use throughout the entire day. The kids love it. I just need to keep myself updated on the different apps.

Kelly said...

What a wonderful program you school is involved to receive all those IPAD/iPhones!!! What tasks do you have the children do on the computers?

sgriffiths said...

I have an option of 2 Ipads or 5 Ipods and since I have never used either I am not sure what to do. I would think that having 5 would be better but what are the advantages/disadvantages with each that you see? Thanks!