Oct 22, 2011

Is It A Trick-or-Treat...It's a TPT Sale Treat and Freebies

Here are a couple of freebies. We hope you enjoy using them and we hope you head over to our TPT SALE!! We would love to hear from you on things you like or things you would like to use the next few weeks heading into November.

This week we are going to start working on segmenting really hard.  I am going to use these eyeballs that I purchased from Dollar Tree.  They are blue, yellow, and red eyeballs.  I used blue, green, and red markers to write letters on the eyeballs.  I will sort these eyeballs in bowls/bags by those colors for the kids to pull out 3 different eyeballs to write the letters.  Then they will segment the word/nonsense word and read it.  I could also use these eyeballs for word families that we do and different vowel rules.  I will take pictures this week of this activity.  I am headed to Target right now!!

Eyeball Worksheet with Boxes.docx”

This graphing freebie goes with those Halloween erasers from Dollar Tree.  More pictures to come this week from this freebie.
Graphing Halloween Erasers.docx”


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Rachelle said...

Love this!!!!! Thank you!!!!

Mrs. Coe said...

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Teachy Marie said...

I wish I still had bigger kiddos! I love your ideas!