Oct 31, 2011

Moon Munching

As we finished our unit on Sun, Moon, and Stars we spent some time Moon Munching.  We used Oreos to create the phases of the moon.  It was a tasty way to represent knowledge and learning.

Here are two different worksheets that show the phases.  This year we used the first one.

Phases of the Moon


Susan Cahalane said...

This is great thanks so much for sharing! I'm your newest follower!

Science for Kids Blog

Samantha Goblirsch said...

This is such an awesome idea!! I could only imagine how excited the students were to have Oreos as part if the science lesson! After reading your blog post I got to thinking, what other activities could be a part of your moon, sun, and stars unit? I found an activity where you can have your students make their own constellation viewer. An activity that you can make a viewing tube that allows you to stimulate looking at a constellation using the following materials, toilet paper/paper towel tube, blue paper circle, rubber band, constellation printouts (optional), scissors, glue, and a compass point or screw. The instructions are as follows:
1. Choose the constellation you want to view. Cut the circle out.
2. Use a glue stick to glue the constellation circle on the center of the blue paper circle.
3. Get an adult to help (depending on age) fix the paper circle to the end of the tube using a rubber band.
4. Use the stars on the constellation as guides to punch small holes in the compass point or screw, carefully! (Option to make your own constellation)
5. Hold your viewer up to the light. Can you see the constellation?

This activity was found at: http://blog.austinkids.org/2009/02/17/exploring-our-universe/ There are also constellation templates on this website. I was really drawn to your blog based on the fun activities and visual appearance. I really hope you enjoy the activity I found and maybe you will add it to your science unit :)