Oct 2, 2011

More Apple Fun and October Math Journal

This past week we worked really hard on fall.  Our basic theme this past week was to talk about Johnny Appleseed throughout all subject areas.  In our journals we wrote about Johnny Appleseed and apples several days.  We started talking about AB patterns in math, so we made Johnny Appleseed hats with some AB patterns on them.  We sorted and graphed apples that we brought into school.  We took a picture of each child with his/her Johnny Appleseed hat on along with the apple that he/she brought to school.  These pictures will be placed into our memory books.  
The students also worked hard on our Apple unit that we showed earlier in the week that is on our TPT store.  I was truly amazed at how well they did with writing the capital and lowercase letters.  We did it whole group and the students matched every single one perfect!!  
The students love our "Who Took The Apple From The Apple Tree" SMARTBoard activity.  I get a new student tomorrow, so we will have to add her name on our apples.  We are also planning on inviting our principal, Mr. Wallace, down to our room because he has an apple name, too.  
Tomorrow we should finish up our apple snacks and be ready to vote for our favorite apple snack on Tuesday.  The students have loved this tasting test!!  
I just got home from school since I am getting a new student tomorrow.  I also had to copy my October Math Journals for this month.  I literally put them into the copy machine and hit 25 copies.  There was NO cutting, pasting, etc.  How easy was that!?!  You can find this on our TPT store!!  I will share pictures this week since we will start them tomorrow in Math.  I can't wait to use these each day during math.

An AB pattern that one of the students made with die cut apples.

Another AB pattern with red and yellow apples.

Green and yellow AB pattern...gotta love my toes in the picture!!

Is this Johnny Appleseed pose a picture to treasure...or what!!!

Students enjoying their caramel apple treats.

Some students wanted plain apples and some wanted caramel dip.

Idea taken from Deanna Jump with the book A My Name Is Alice.

My teacher's book of October Math Journals.  I bind mind so that it bends better for students to see my work.

A sample page of our October Math Journals that we will begin on Monday!!

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