Oct 4, 2011

Writing Journals, Math Journals, Data Binders, Repeated Tasks, and Conferences

Collections of Journal Entries, Math Journals, Poem Booklets, Repeated Tasks, and Progress Monitoring of Letters/Sounds/Words each month are what I plan on sharing at my conferences starting this coming Tuesday.  Since I use data binders, I have to prepare very little and it gives a wonderful collection of what we have accomplished the first 25 days of school.
Since my conferences are right around the corner, I was thinking today that we have only been in school for 25 days and these kids have made tons of progress.  I can't wait to share their progress with their parents. 
As mentioned in a previous post, we do a guided journal each day together as a whole group.  Through the end of October, the students will have their writing papers with me so that we can practice sounding out words, practice letter formation, practice writing left to right, top to bottom, introducing vowel rules, and introducing some hunks and chunks.  After October, I still do a guided writing with the students every day, but the students who are ready for it complete a journal on their own doing the same topic that we discussed in our guided writing.  For the students who are not ready to journal write on their own, I differentiate by having those students with me.
It is fall.  The leaves change color.

I like to rake the leaves.  I like to put them in a pile.

Another...It is fall.  The leaves change color.
 We started our October Math Journals yesterday which are available on our TPT store.  We gather on the floor and read the words first, butter any popcorn words or other 2 letter words we should know.  Then we go back and reread the sentences looking for any important numbers to help us solve the problem.  Finally we complete the problem and check to see if our answer makes sense.  Just like the journal writing, I am amazed at how well the students have improved with writing their numbers.

Monday's Math Journal where we were adding numbers.

Journal entry we did today comparing numbers to see which one had more.
 We work hard each week with reciting different seasonal poems.  The month of September we had 4 poems that we worked on each week.  The students were sad on Monday when I told them that we were putting away the September poems and I was teaching them some new October poems.  However, they told me today that they loved the new October poems.
We just finished up our September Poem booklet pages.  The students love to butter our popcorn words and illustrate what the poem really means.

Oops!!  Didn't catch my typo error when I copied them off this summer.  (cam/came) we used this as a teachable moment and talked about the magic e rule.
 Earlier this summer we talked about data binders being such a great resource to monitor progress.  Everything that I have shared is what I will be sharing with parents this coming week during our conferences.  All of our data binder items are on our TPT store for FREE!! 
This is the front of our data binders.

Every 9 weeks we do "Repeated Tasks" to show our progress.  This is a sample of some writing and math items.

Here the students draw a self portrait.

These are words that the students independently write that they think they know how to spell.  We put offices up during this time and the students think they are BIG DOGS!!

Sample of our monthly capital, lowercase, and sound assessments.

Graphing of the letters and sounds.

Graphing of our being able to read our 37 popcorn words by sight.

Charting of the 37 popcorn words that they can read by sight.

Monthly behavior charts.  This student was green every day...even though she has some different shades of green.

The back of the data binders is where I "house" all of our journal entries that we have done for the entire year!!

More journal page samples.

Another journal entry from the month of September.

Well, the last thing that I have to do tomorrow to prepare for my conferences are to have the kids do an independent writing based upon a story I read and discuss with them.  Tomorrow I cannot help them write and when they are finished, I score it using our writing rubric.  I will share pictures this week of how well we do on our first independent writing.  Once this is scored, I copy it.  I then send a copy home for the parents to enjoy and I put a copy in the data binder so that we can monitor this progress.

P.S.   We are finishing up apples this week, too.  So I will post some of those finishing projects this week.  


Maryann said...

Wow! These pages that your kids did are amazing! I love how you have all the data in binders. Do you have a binder for each child or one for each subject? Also, the one assessment that has the repeated tasks on, is this available fo rpurchase at TPT? I may have missed the notes about it. If yo have time to reply, I would appreciate it. Also, for the writing, are all the children able to write on lines at this time? Did you do any handwriting instruction before this time- the fall leaves paper?
Thanks again,

Bouncy Brenna said...

Hey! I LOVE these! We have official conferences mid-year, and I would LOVE to add some of these pages to my binder of student work. I checked on tpt, but I didn't see the data binder pages. Would you email me and let me know where I can find them? Thanks so much for sharing these - y'all are awesome! :o)



Busy Bees said...

Hey gals~ We sent you personal emails on your questions!! Enjoy!

Crayons and Curls said...

Wow! Y'all are amazing! I love these binders! I would love to purchase your assessment pages! Also, where do you find your poems? I would love to start a poetry journal! Thanks for the help! :)
Crayons and Curls

donna said...

I would love to have your pages as well. I will try to search TpT

Yolanda said...

I would love to have a copy of your poetry journal poems. What a great idea! Thank you for sharing your time and talents.