Nov 12, 2011

Free Differentiated Native American Sight Word Activity and Veterans Day

Putting the finishing touches on my Native American Unit for next week and thought some of you might enjoy this differentiated sight word activity. Using this center along with some additional centers we made, some center ideas from Jamie Mayas, and some ideas from Julie Lee to wrap up my Thanksgiving unit. We put 2 cards on this freebie with the words The Mayflower because we left the one "The Mayflower" the same size as the rest of the cards and the other a bit larger.  You can then choose which one you want. 

It is amazing at how much progress the kids are making in not only reading these sight words, but writing them, too. I see a lot of these words showing up in their journal writings. I will share pictures of these centers this week as the kids are using these activity cards. I am also going to be adding a nonsense word and segmenting words center each week to help prepare for Dibels and making application of our letters/sounds. Look for these fun activities coming soon! As always, we love reading your comments!

Our red, white, and blue headbands for Veterans Day.  We discussed AB patterning when making these headbands.

Some of our final products.  We made large flags, Soldiers from Deanna Jump's Veterans Day Packet, and our Veterans Day headbands.  Our school had a Veterans Day Assembly, too.  The kids learned a lot about Veterans Day!

What Did the Native American See Center.docx”

What Did The Native American See Center Challenge Group.docx”

Pictures and Word Cards for Native Americans


Allison said...

Thank you so much1 These are fantastic!!

Erica Bohrer said...

Following you back! Glad I found you, too!

Primary Paradise said...

Adorable hats! Love the flags. We'll have to make those for our assembly next year.

Kinder Fun said...

THanks for linking up! Your ideas are GREAT!!!
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