Nov 14, 2011

Free Thanksgiving Segmenting Worksheets

Segmenting Boxes - Thanksgiving 2

The students enjoy doing these segmenting activities.  They are so excited when they have spelled the word either totally correct or come very close.  Sometimes they just don't get the magic e on the word.  They love referring back to our hunks and chunks cards to remind each other the "or" makes the "or" sound.  There are times that we have to remind them to put a "s" at the end of the word if it is plural.  The word grapes in the "free segmenting worksheets" would be an example of a plural that they need reminders to add the "s" onto the word.

Making a Native American vest, headband, and necklace will be one of our goals during social studies. Discussing different symbols that the Native Americans used was enjoyed by all students. They totally enjoyed our activity of making a Native American headband with symbols to tell a story. We also used different colored feathers to finish off our headbands. They enjoyed the book Did You Know? that I read to them. I just love this time of the year!! They are so quiet and glued to any book that I read because they just love listening to non-fiction books. These non-fiction books are also easy springboards to our journal writing. As always, we enjoy comments. Gobble up this fun segmenting activity.

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