Nov 26, 2011

Freebie Christmas Words/Pictures and Sale Continues

I will be using this as soon as we get back to school. I like to use these as a 5 minute time filler or right before I start my journal writing for the day.  I pass out picture cards to some students and word cards to other students.  Then I have a student stand up and they either say their picture name or read their word.  Then the student who has the match comes up and we see if we agree.  We talk about segmenting, syllables, why some have capital letters anytime we write them, and one word/two words.  I can also use it as a memory game for the students to start to get familiar with some Christmas words.  I use something very similar for journal writing which is just one sheet of paper that they have at their seat.  We will be sending your way real soon. I have one for a gingerbread theme, too.  The clipart comes from KPM Doodles.

Christmas Words and Pictures

Don't forget our Black Friday Sale is still running through Sunday. All of our units are 20% off. Don't miss out on some great sales.   Most of these units are regularly $1.00-$2.00.
If you would like a quick link to our TPT units please take a look:
Christmas Graphing and Spinners
December Math Journal
Gumdrop Measurement
Addition With Sets
Ordering and Sequencing Numbers To 20
Matching Sets and Numbers
Sets and Numbers:  Less Than, More Than, and Equal To
Shapes of Christmas 

Some more units will be on TPT today, so make sure you check those out.  We will be having pictures of things as soon as we get back to school after our Thanksgiving break.


laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Love it all!!
First Grade Blue SKies

Busy Bees said...

So glad you can use them, Jennifer!

Miss Carrie said...

this is so cute! Thanks! I will be using these starting on Monday

Busy Bees said...

I just printed mine off from home to school so that I can start using them Monday, too!