Nov 29, 2011

Freebie~Christmas Beginning Sounds and Journal Writing

We have officially put away our Thanksgiving things today.  Our  gingerbread unit will begin tomorrow.  Before we read the The Gingerbread Girl by Lisa Campbell Ernst, the students described what they already knew about most gingerbread stories.  We discussed that there are similarities between characters in books, endings being happy/sad, same kind of settings.  The students loved this story.  They were thrilled that the girl ruled at the end of the story.  They were so glad that it was a happy ending!!

It was a BIG DAY with our journal writing.  As of yesterday, the students have started to work independently each day on their journal.  We still do a guided writing lesson together each day, but after our guided writing lesson is done they now go back to their seat with the same "topic/main idea".  They write about it independently.  They put offices up and are so proud of their independent writing.  I walk around during this time frame and monitor students who need additional help.  We will be sharing our writing rubric and writing samples soon.

Now to our freebie...Hope you enjoy this fun beginning sound segmenting paper.  You can use this paper with all levels of learners.  One group of students can put the beginning sounds, and your other students who you want to challenge a little more can write all of the sounds that he/she hears in the words underneath the pictures.  You could have them turn their paper over and write a sentence with one of the words.  Enjoy!! 

Christmas Beginning Sounds

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