Nov 10, 2011

Freebie~Segmenting Thanksgiving Words and New Dibels Items On TPT

We have been working extremely hard the last 11 weeks on Letter Naming Fluency and First Sound Fluency.  We have also been segmenting and reading nonsense words, but now it is time for us to practice these concepts like they will be presented on the actual Dibels test and to included them in my daily homework packet.    Can you tell that we are gearing up for our Dibels testing!?   Our Letter Naming Fluency and First Sound Fluency has been a great hit on TPT, so we have put 3 new items on TPT to help with Segmenting and Nonsense word fluency.  These packets can be used as homework practice or they can be used in your classroom setting.  I have been progress monitoring my students over these items and they have made great progress by using these sheets as homework and rote practice at school.  These are also great to use with parent volunteers to practice with students who are "at risk" for meeting the benchmarks for Dibels.  I have found that these activities also have helped my kiddos tremendously on their journal writing.  Take a peek at these new items on our TPT store.  They are a steal for $1.00 to $1.50.  Here are the links for them:  Nonsense Word Cards, Nonsense Homework and Classroom Practice Sheets, and Segmenting Practice Sheets for Homework and Classroom Use.

Gobble up one of our Thanksgiving Segmenting activities that we will be using next week at a center.  As always, please leave us a comment if you take our segmenting pages.  Veterans Day pictures will be coming soon along with some Native American free downloads for centers. 

Thanksgiving Segmenting Boxes.docx”


wllsmichelle said...

Can you post a link for your new items on TPT?

Busy Bees said... is up and linked for you!!

carolina gal said...

These will be great to use with my low babies, but also beneficial for all my kids! Does the TPT unit have the segmenting word boxes also?

Jen R. (The Teachers' Cauldron) said...

Thank you! This segmenting activity will be great to use with my low kiddos and ESOL students!

Jill said...

I found your blog through your comment on my blog. This will be great for one of my kiddos!