Nov 3, 2011

GOBBLE Up Some Free Graphing and Sorting Edible 2D Flat Shapes Review Items

Since we are wrapping up our Shape Unit, we made a fun sorting/graphing sheet to go with our "Edible 2-D Flat Shapes" that we will be using to review these shapes one last time. We purchased different kinds of Crackers for the 2-D shapes. We purchased Cheez-Its(squares), Triscuits(triangles), Rectangle Club Crackers(rectangles), Hexagon Wheat Thins(hexagons), Ritz Crackers(circles), and Townhouse Crackers(ovals). The students will sort their crackers first. After sorting the students will describe crackers to their neighbor as we eat them. For instance: describe the oval to your partner~no corners, flat shape, etc. Then we will make a list of these facts. After doing this with all crackers, the students will be able to eat the crackers. We can use the graphing worksheet 2 different ways.  You can use it to have the students graph the number of crackers they have in their snack bag or you can have students vote on their favorite 2-D Shape Cracker Snack.  Pictures of this activity will be coming soon since I am doing it Friday. 
As always, please leave us a comment if you enjoy our shapes freebie!

Shape (Edible 2D) Sorting Sheet and Graph.docx”


Sue's Cupcake Adventures said...

I am working on sorting this week! This will come in handy as a fun activity for the students! Thank you!!! -Susan

Busy Bees said...

You are welcome. Our kids loved it and was great for them to describe the shapes, too.

Pam said...

Love this... I have everything planned for this week and now have a lesson for next week!
Thank you!

sydney said...

Thanks for sharing this. I love it when it ties in another thing they have learned (shapes).

Lessons Learned

Crayons and Curls said...

Just saw your post and super excited! We are doing shapes this week - so perfect for my Friday! Thank you so much for sharing! Now, I will have to head to Wal Mart to find all my crackers! :)

Mrs. Coe said...

LOVE this!