Nov 2, 2011

Shape Books, October Math Journals, and Individual Pumpkin Books Completed

This past week was very busy...just like any other week~right?!?  We finished up many of our projects that we started a couple of weeks ago.  Most of these projects we just designed the last few weeks are available on our TPT store. 

I have done Math Journals the last few years, but this year I wanted to be more organized each month.  So, I put one month at a time into a "Monthly Math Journal" that we complete each day.  I have included almost every math strand throughout the packet.  This way standards can be reviewed or introduced.  The students love these math journals and there is great discussion taking place every day!!  Our November Math Journal is on our TPT, too.  We have completed 2 pages and I am impressed at how well they are reading the prompts, discussing what is important to circle in the text, and solving the problem independently. 

We have officially wrapped up our pumpkin unit.  The final project was completing a book about our individual pumpkin that we chose from the pumpkin patch.  The students were so excited to fill out these booklets and be able to take their pumpkin home.  Here are just a few of the pages that were included in our packet.

If you would have asked me several days ago...Do you really think kindergarten students are going to be able to use the terminology that is in our new math standards.  I was beginning to "sweat" a little when I first saw the expectations.  However, after our intense study on 2-D and 3-D shapes, I am totally convinced that most everyone has it mastered.  The students are really understanding vertices, corners, faces, and then naming all of the 2-D and 3-D shapes.  Our intense study of shapes will wrap up this week and we have our version of our Edible Shapes.  We are going to have some "Shape Alerts" throughout the next few days in our classroom to wrap up this fun unit.  One of the biggest projects we did during this unit is our "Shapes" booklets.  I have included a few pages for you from this unit.  This booklet is also available on our TPT store.

Well, off to finalize our "Hip Hop" 50's Day for Thursday.  Plan on taking lots of pictures of this event, too.  Hope you are having a fun week like we are in our classroom.  I just finished up my grade cards, so I am DOING THE HAPPY DANCE!!  They go home Friday, but I knew after our 50's day I might be a little tired!!


Teachy Marie said...

I tried to post a comment, but I wasn't signed in! SOOO hopefully, this doesn't post twice! :)

I love all your great ideas! You are soo creative! Kudos to you! I love this shape book and would love to edit the one I use, if you'd be willing or able to share yours on here?! Great job!

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