Dec 19, 2011

A Copy Of Our Writing Rubric and Segmenting Freebie

Every month we give the students a writing prompt and they have to write about that topic without any kind of assistance.  Like DeeDee Wills on her Thursday December 15 post, our students can use word lists.  We read them a story, then we discuss a sample together, and then they go back to their seats to complete the assignment independently.

This time of the year,  I give them 15 minutes to write about this topic with their offices up.  They know that I cannot help them at all during this time frame because I want to see what work they are producing independently.  Then once 15 minutes is up, I tell them that it is time for their "wrap up" sentences.  This means an ending sentence that lets the reader know our story is "wrapping up".  We just started talking about this ending sentence.  After their wrap up sentence is done and they have reread their story, they may start the picture to match what they wrote about.  They need to label things in their pictures, too.

I will share some September, October, November, and December writings with you once I complete them tomorrow.   I just love kindergarten writing!  It is so rewarding to watch how their writing changes so much in 4 months! 

What I am giving you to download is what our district uses as our writing rubric.  The state of Ohio uses this rubric.  Things I don't like about this are:  If a student writes zghprsp but does it left to right, then they score a 4.  Then if they tell me that zghprsp says I like Christmas trees, they score a 2/3 on sticks to the topic.  So, I usually look at the 2 middle columns because I feel that it tells me about their true writing.  I want to know if they are making application of their letter/sounds, and are they understanding using capital letters/lowercase letters correctly.  

Our students are allowed to use a word this stage of the game I feel the lower writers will just copy the entire list and not realize that it does not make sense to write bell, tree, Santa, etc.  Most of the more advanced writers are understanding the word list, but are so confident that they really don't depend on it too much and would rather sound it out!!

I keep a "graded" copy of their monthly writings in their data binders and I send a "graded" copy home so that parents see our target for the end of the year.  I will share with you what the graded copy looks like!! 

I know what DeeDee does for her district on writing.  What does your district do for kindergarten writing assessments?

If you are still going strong this week,  here are some segmenting freebies to help you along.  The segmenting words are: elf, bear, wreath, list, candy and gift, tree, hat, kitten, puppy.

Segmenting Boxes - December 1.docx”

Writing Rubric - Grade K


Karen said...

Our district doesn't provide a rubric. Actually we are still using the report cards created in the 90's. It's a check list that doesn't do nearly enough! I'm collecting everyone's writing rubrics, and adding where I got them to the backs because I want to show our Common Core curriculum team what other states/ schools are doing. It's my greatest hope that we are able to develop a new report card or at least some standard across the district rubrics to use!

Mrs. Cole said...

I am on my schools writing committee and we are far behind where we should be. I'm not sure if anyone even assesses writing in my building. Thank you for the rubric. I will use it with others that I have found and show our committee.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your reindeer food printable! Too Cute!!!

Barbara said...

Thanks for the get well wishes, Robyn. Two more days -- you can do it:) Merry Christmas!
Grade ONEderful

Michelle Rist said...

Thank you for sharing your rubric and writing samples! We currently use a rubric 3rd and 4th quarter but are looking at redoing it and report cards also to be more "Common Core" friendly. Great to see the examples too and see how they rate on your rubric!

Love your site...I'm a new follower!

Edana said...

I am in the same boat as Diana. It saddens me. My district needs to do so much more. Thank-you for sharing. I'm definitely going to focus more on writing.


Unknown said...

Thank you for this post and the sample of the rubric. I would so appreciate if you give me a condensed version of how you get your kids to write. I am a reading specialist for 4 kindergarten classes. The teachers all use writing prompts like I........ or I see....... - whatever the new site word is. Sometimes the kids are asked to just write a sentence and for many they do not know what the words are or how to form the letters. All of this is quite frustrating to me. It is hard to change years of doing the same thing, but I am trying. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Freckleteacher said...

Hi Robynn!
I would love to have your rubric to use in my class and share at my District meeting about CORE standards (we don't use them yet)
I don't subscribe to Scribd and would rather not. Is it on your Tpt or could you e-mail it to me?
Thank you so much for posting your samples and the rubric.