Dec 13, 2011

Freebie Christmas Tree Glyph Graph

Have you ever read Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree? Well, I read it to my kids and they love it every year. After we are done reading the book, I give the kids a piece of green paper usually 12X12 size. We discuss that we need to hold the square so that it makes a diamond. Then you cut from the bottom corner up to the top corner. Then choose one of these triangles to be the bottom of your Christmas Tree. Take the other triangle that you have left and cut from the bottom of the triangle up to the top corner of the triangle. You continue this process until you have enough pieces that you want to stop!! You will always end up with one extra piece at the end...we follow the pattern in the book and throw it away in hopes that someone picks it up to enjoy a Christmas tree.

Once we have the tree made, we complete a Christmas Tree Glyph together.  I have pictures of our glyphs that I will share with you tomorrow.  I hung them up tonight and forgot to take pictures for you.  They did turn out pretty cute.  My daughter used my Cricut to cutout ornament bulbs, lights, stars, and bows out of old scrapbook paper scraps that I wanted to use up.  Here are the glyph directions that I used:

Tall Trunk               I have an artificial tree.
Short Trunk            I have a real tree.

Star On Top            I leave Santa cookies.
Bow On Top           I don’t leave Santa cookies.

Bulbs                       I have a stocking.
Lights                      I don’t have a stocking.

Square Gifts            I have my shopping done .
Rectangular Gifts    I don’t have my shopping done.

Christmas Tree Glyph Graph 2

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