Jan 31, 2012

100th Day Celebration

 So much fun.  So many activities.  So tired!

Free 100th Day Necklace Template

Today is our 100th Day...can't wait for all of the fun. Hope to take a lot of fun pictures to share with you on some of our activities. One of our activities is to take Fruit Loops and make our 100th Day necklace. I know you all have seen these before, but we wanted to use these templates so that each child had some extra practice of counting to 100 by 10's and understood that it took 10 sets of 10 to make it to 100. Today might set a record of us posting twice...HAPPY 100th day to our kiddos!!
As always, if ya grab our freebie let us know...even if you have already had 100th day and plan on filing it until next year!!

100th Day Necklace

Jan 30, 2012

Link For Valentine Boy/Girl Bags

Some of you have asked how you can order both the boy and the girl for your Valentine's Bags that we previously offered for our giveaway.  The company Pebbles In My Pocket has provided us with a direct link to help with this purchase.  Hope you enjoy!!

Jan 29, 2012

Fun Math Center Time

OK, our fingers are crossed that our colored printer at school gets fixed or else I am going to have to spend some bucks at some other copier place in town to get our new activities that we have on our TPT store up and moving!! Here are some of our favorite math items from this week...

Putting our numbers in order without any talking.  Fun activity...they did it 3 times WITHOUT talking!!

Always a fun one...reinforces counting and tally marks.  The harder the marshmallows the better.  Not one student ate one!!

My "leftover" shovels from my Valentine gifts(see previous post) work great for this activity!!

The kids love this center and it has helped SO much with our teen numbers. 

New "Valentine" center to help with counting and understanding the concept of addition.  The kids loved it.  Again, those shovels came in handy here, too.  The perfect size so that they don't have too many to add together!  This was one of our freebies this week of the X's and O's.
Going to be wrapping up some of our winter activities this week along with some fun 100th day items.  Our 100th day is on Tuesday, can't wait for such a fun day!!
My kids just loved the Counting On Cocoa Math Center Unit that we have posted on TPT.  It was so much fun for all students.  The packet contains the same activities for different levels of learners and it was a lot of fun!!  Check it out on our TPT store!  Finalizing The Mitten activities this week, too.  Lots of pictures of this fun unit this week coming. 

Jan 28, 2012

Valentine Giveaway Winners

The three winners of our Valentine Giveaway are...
Mrs. Cupcake from A Cupcake for the Teacher, Delighted from First grade Delight and Kelly B aka Queen Bee!

Congratulations!  You will be sent the templates for the girl and the boy Valentine Bags.

For those of you who didn't win (sorry about that) but would like to order the patterns ... Check out the site at Pebbles in My Pocket.

Jan 26, 2012

Hugs and Kisses Freebie...Valentine Giveaway Ends Friday, January 27 At Midnight

Our colored printer has been down at school, so we have not been able to print anything that we have basically made for the month of February.  Our fingers are crossed that it will have toner tomorrow.  We have been without the colored printer for 2 weeks!!  YIKES!
I am wrapping up our measurement unit and starting to begin our addition/subtraction unit.  A couple of weeks ago I got some X's and O's from Target in their Dollar Section and plan on using them for some addition.  The kids will scoop out some X's and O's then write the numbers and of course add them all together.  I am going to use my extra scoops from my Valentine's.  Pictures will come this weekend on this fun activity.  However, here is the freebie that I will be using with this activity. 

Hugs and Kisses

Jan 24, 2012

Valentine Giveaway ... Three Lucky Winners!

 We have heard from lots of people who would like to make the Valentine bags that we posted about on Jan. 23rd.  This is not something that we designed but the company that did, Pebbles in My Pocket, has graciously agreed to be part of a giveaway with us and send three lucky winners the templates for both the girl and the boy.  Since Valentine's Day is quickly approaching our giveaway starts today and ends on Friday, at midnight, Ohio time.  All you need to do to enter are these three things:

1.  add our blog to your blogroll
2.  follow our BusyBee's TPT store
3.  follow our BusyBee's blog

Just leave us one comment when you have done all three and you will be officially entered!  We will let you and the company know who the winners are on Saturday, January 28th.

If you have already made or planned your Valentine holders for this year, enter, win, and be ahead for next year!

Jan 23, 2012

More Mitten Activities and Valentine Bags Are Done!!

We continued to work hard on our Mitten Unit.  The students used my character cards to help them know how to color the characters from The Mitten.  I was totally impressed at how well they did on quality coloring and coloring the characters the exact color they were in the book.  It's amazing of what a new box of crayons will do to promote quality work.  I gave everyone a new box of crayons today!  Will share the final product tomorrow!!

Students coloring their mitten characters so that tomorrow we can cut them out and start retelling the story.

Concentrating hard on getting his characters colored with quality coloring.  

My kids were knock on wood "ANGELS" today.  We got through everything on our to do list!!  We finished up our Valentine Bags that always turn out so cute.  Now tomorrow, some of my students have their valentines all done so they get to start passing out their valentines.  This usually gives the incentive for others to finish theirs up at home and start bringing them in to school.  I usually tell them that all valentines need to be brought in by next Friday, February 3, that way I can chase anyone down who has not returned their valentines.  Here are a couple of pictures to share what I do with valentine bags.  Very simple...scrapbook paper, white bags, cardstock paper, and a little construction paper.

Bags are put in ABC order by first name to make it easy for kids and parent volunteers to find a particular name!!  I tell the parents to put their cards in ABC order, too to help speed up the process!!

These are what the girl bags look like for Valentine's Day.

These are what the boy bags look like for Valentine's Day.

Jan 22, 2012

Freebie Counting Unit To Use With The Mitten and Blog Award

I went into school yesterday to finish up some of our mitten items from our new The Mitten Unit.  I will be taking more pictures this week for you to see our activities.  I also got grade cards done early afternoon and have been doing a little "snow dance" myself.  SueBeth emailed me that she got hers done later last night and was doing a little dance, too.  So, in honor of our CELEBRATION of grade cards being done, here is a little mitten "freebie" for you to use!  Please leave us a comment if you like the freebie. 

On a side note, we're so excited that we were nominated for one of the Most Fascinating Blogs In 2011.  We put this icon on our sidebar, so we would love to see all of your support!  It's easy to do, just click on the icon, find our blog, and it's over!

Counting With the Mitten

Jan 20, 2012

Mitten Unit on TPT

We had so much fun this week with The Mitten.  We are still going to wrap it up a couple of days next week, too.  We just posted our Mitten Unit on our TPT store.  Here are just some pictures of the fun that we had with this unit. 
Mitten Characters Booklet That We Made This Week

Students have characters glued into their books, now they are coloring the characters using our Character Cards

Another student finishing up her Mitten Character Booklet

Students use The Mitten Spinners to record their results.  Then once time was up, they counted their individual dots for each animal and recorded it at the top.

A couple of boys enjoying their mitten spinners.

One of the fun retelling activities that I have planned for next week to help the students retell the story.  This could also be put into a Big Book Retelling of The Mitten.
Several more The Mitten activities are in this fun unit.  Here are just a few additional fun activities that are included in this packet:  words that can be added to your word wall, a fun Memory game, segmenting, syllable count, Extension Activities,  Individual retelling circles that can be used to retell the story or put into a circle booklet, Animal Character Spinners, and Mitten Character Booklets are some of the activities that will help keep your students warm during this snowy weather.
Here is a quick link that will head you straight to this fun mitten unit:
The Mitten Unit on our TPT store   

Jan 18, 2012

What Are Some Good Measurment Books?

We just had our kindergarten grade level for our district.  We are currently working on our Measurement Theme to match the current standards.  Just wondering if any of you have come across some good measurement books that you would be willing to share the titles for with us.  Thanks so much for your help!!  

Jan 16, 2012

Review Week Last Week, Mitten Unit, and Valentine Things Arriving

It has been a great long weekend.  I feel like I have been able to accomplish a ton this weekend.  We are back to school tomorrow with a full 4 day agenda.  Our 2nd 9 weeks ended on Friday, the 13th.  So I took the weekend off and decided I was going to work a little each night this coming week to get my grade cards completed.  It really won't take that long...the comments take the longest!  Last week we reviewed a lot of things and assessed many items to wrap up the 9 weeks.  Here are some of the review things we did last week.

Working on an addition fact family game
This student is working on our Addition Facts For Snowy Days Unit.  I was impressed at how well the students did on this fact family. 

Students reviewing our Popcorn Words

These students reviewed some of our popcorn words through a spinner game.  Watch for new ideas coming...several students know their kindergarten words, now we are going to work on enrichment with these students. 

Students working on one of our Snowman Writing/Reading Activities
This student is working on one of our Snowman Leveled Printable Books.

Reviewing those teen numbers
These Teen Number Spinners worked perfect for our teen number review.  The list is getting much shorter, but still have some kids that need to review those teen numbers.

Beginning to be able to work independently on decomposing numbers.

Composing and Decomposing Numbers has been a unit that we just started to work on a little harder now that the kiddos really understand those numbers 0-20.  Our "big" unit on this standard will be coming up real soon.

I designed some fun The Mitten activities for me to use this week.  I will hopefully get them posted and pictures early this week.  Our printer at school has been down since Friday.  Lots of activities in this unit on retelling.
Some new units for February have been up and loaded on our TPT store.  Check these units out...More coming this week along with pictures.  

Jan 14, 2012

Love To Jopplin Linky Party


Just a quick note about a great cause...Mrs. Wills shared an email from a Kindergarten teacher in Joplin, Missouri that was devastated by an F5 tornado this past spring. Many of the elementary schools were damaged or destroyed.   

We received the same email that Dee Dee Wills received from Erica.  As soon as we read it, we immediately donated towards her upcoming meeting.  

Please take this opportunity to look through your units/documents to see what you would like to donate to help these teachers and their wonderful students.   

Jan 12, 2012

Some Addition Facts For Snowy Days

Today I introduced some of our Addition Facts For Snowy Days Unit that we have posted on TPT. The students had a fun time deciding whether or not the number sentence belonged in the 8 family. They did a fantastic job of counting out the 2 different sets with marshmallows and then pushing them together. After we completed all of the problems, of course, the best part was eating them. Here are some pictures of this particular activity.  This set of activities meets the standards of identifying numbers, making sets that match numbers, and solving addition problems to 10 with manipulatives.

The best part...eating those marshmallows!!