Jan 9, 2012

Free Valentine Scrapbook

I sent home my class list today for the kids to start thinking about making their valentines to bring into school. I usually have the kids bring them in a week before Valentine's Day so that we have enough time to pass them out.

We make a valentine scrapbook for each child. I have 22 kids this year, so I will make 22 booklets.   The kids open a valentine, use "Scotch" tape to put the valentine on that page, and then write the name of who gave the valentine to them. It is a great literacy project and turns out darling. The kids love doing it, too.  We have the kids donate a "Scotch" tape to the class for this project.  I have so much from previous years, that I did not have to ask for more this school year.

This year, I made a new cover, so I thought you might like this Valentine Scrapbook freebie, too. I have given you a colored version and black and white version. I plan on using the black and white version and letting the kids color the front cover.

Leave us a comment if ya grab our valentine freebie!!

Valentine Books 2012


Sarah Paul said...

What a darling idea! Thank you

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laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Cute idea! =)
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Sarah said...

What a sweet idea!! Might just have to do that this year!! Thanks for sharing!

Ashley said...

Do you make the scrapbook out of plain printer paper and staple it or do you cutesy it up at all? Thanks for the great idea!


Freckleteacher said...

How SWEET! I love this idea! A lot of kiddos at my school will purchase the valentines or make them, but they will be small. I am going to reduce your book so it is 1/2 the size. Do you think that will work? Do they tape them so they can still flip them up and see the back side?

Thanks again. This is a really cute idea!

Ali said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing!!


Busy Bees said...

Half of a sheet would definitely work because it does seem that the valentines keep getting smaller. As far as "cutesy" it up. Some years I just put a spiral binder on it. Some years I have had the kids use water colors to paint the front cover, and some years they have used markers, crayons, and glitter when done. Stapiling works just fine, too!!

Nicole said...

I love this idea! Thanks you so much!

Amber Polk said...

Awesome idea! So sweet.

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Kinder Fun said...

I just pinned this! Love it!

Giggles and Squeals said...

I love this idea. I don't usually have them open them up at school but maybe I will? Do you think this can be done in a half day class? I will totally use this for my girls regardless!

Thanks a bunch!

Mrs. Egley said...

I love love love this idea. I always feel that the opening of the cards is always crazy. This way sounds awesome and I can't wait to do this project with my class. Thanks a bunch!



Fabulous Classroom said...

Thanks so much for this - it is adorable and perfect for a class Valentine's Party. I added your button to my Fabulous Teaching Blogs page! http://fabulousclassroom.com/sites-love/fabulous-teaching-blogs/