Jan 29, 2012

Fun Math Center Time

OK, our fingers are crossed that our colored printer at school gets fixed or else I am going to have to spend some bucks at some other copier place in town to get our new activities that we have on our TPT store up and moving!! Here are some of our favorite math items from this week...

Putting our numbers in order without any talking.  Fun activity...they did it 3 times WITHOUT talking!!

Always a fun one...reinforces counting and tally marks.  The harder the marshmallows the better.  Not one student ate one!!

My "leftover" shovels from my Valentine gifts(see previous post) work great for this activity!!

The kids love this center and it has helped SO much with our teen numbers. 

New "Valentine" center to help with counting and understanding the concept of addition.  The kids loved it.  Again, those shovels came in handy here, too.  The perfect size so that they don't have too many to add together!  This was one of our freebies this week of the X's and O's.
Going to be wrapping up some of our winter activities this week along with some fun 100th day items.  Our 100th day is on Tuesday, can't wait for such a fun day!!
My kids just loved the Counting On Cocoa Math Center Unit that we have posted on TPT.  It was so much fun for all students.  The packet contains the same activities for different levels of learners and it was a lot of fun!!  Check it out on our TPT store!  Finalizing The Mitten activities this week, too.  Lots of pictures of this fun unit this week coming. 


laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Looks like you guys had a fun week! =)
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Laura said...

So jealous of your school color printer! We print everything color at home-GRRR! These activities look great!

Peace, Love and First Grade

sarah said...

What unit is the marshmallow tally sheet in?

Sandra Maddox said...

You have been tagged for Bloggy Tag! I enjoy your blog, and thought you might want to participate!

applesandabcs said...

The hot cocoa scooping in a great idea!

I am your newest follower!

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Kim said...

So cute! I'm now your newest follower..going to check out your units now!!!

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