Jan 23, 2012

More Mitten Activities and Valentine Bags Are Done!!

We continued to work hard on our Mitten Unit.  The students used my character cards to help them know how to color the characters from The Mitten.  I was totally impressed at how well they did on quality coloring and coloring the characters the exact color they were in the book.  It's amazing of what a new box of crayons will do to promote quality work.  I gave everyone a new box of crayons today!  Will share the final product tomorrow!!

Students coloring their mitten characters so that tomorrow we can cut them out and start retelling the story.

Concentrating hard on getting his characters colored with quality coloring.  

My kids were knock on wood "ANGELS" today.  We got through everything on our to do list!!  We finished up our Valentine Bags that always turn out so cute.  Now tomorrow, some of my students have their valentines all done so they get to start passing out their valentines.  This usually gives the incentive for others to finish theirs up at home and start bringing them in to school.  I usually tell them that all valentines need to be brought in by next Friday, February 3, that way I can chase anyone down who has not returned their valentines.  Here are a couple of pictures to share what I do with valentine bags.  Very simple...scrapbook paper, white bags, cardstock paper, and a little construction paper.

Bags are put in ABC order by first name to make it easy for kids and parent volunteers to find a particular name!!  I tell the parents to put their cards in ABC order, too to help speed up the process!!

These are what the girl bags look like for Valentine's Day.

These are what the boy bags look like for Valentine's Day.


laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

LOVE those bags!! =)
First Grade Blue SKies

Tarra Mackelson said...

Those bags are adorable!


Melissa said...

Love the bags! Adorable. Saw them on pinterest. By the way did you make the template for students.

Mrs. Coe said...


Jenn Bates said...

WOW, those bags are adorable!!
Finally in First

Edana said...

Do you have templates for sale? OMG I would love to try this in my class! :D

Color Me Kinder

Mrs. Wheeler said...

LOVE!!! Do you have patterns you are willing to share? These are great!

Mrs. Wheeler

Giggles and Squeals said...

How adorable! I bet the kids LOVE them!

Mrs. Cupcake said...

These are so super cute!!

A Cupcake for the Teacher

K-1 Teaching Besties said...

Such cute ideas!!! Check out our blog for lots of FREEBIES and classroom photos!!! We have some new groundhog and Valentines day activities on there!!!


Mrs. Cordes' Tortoises said...

Can I have a copy of the template or can you direct me to where I can purchase it? These are too darn cute not to do!