Jan 12, 2012

Some Addition Facts For Snowy Days

Today I introduced some of our Addition Facts For Snowy Days Unit that we have posted on TPT. The students had a fun time deciding whether or not the number sentence belonged in the 8 family. They did a fantastic job of counting out the 2 different sets with marshmallows and then pushing them together. After we completed all of the problems, of course, the best part was eating them. Here are some pictures of this particular activity.  This set of activities meets the standards of identifying numbers, making sets that match numbers, and solving addition problems to 10 with manipulatives.

The best part...eating those marshmallows!!


Ms. Rachel said...

Looks like the kiddos are super engaged! What a great activity!

Where do you teach? Im from Toledo and recognize the Mudhens shirt! In fact, Ive got one!

Im not in Toledo anymore though!

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

They look like they are having the best time...while learning!! =)
First Grade Blue SKies