Feb 14, 2012

American Symbols Counting Freebie, February Fun and Vinyl Giveaway Ends Wednesday

We had a blast today for our Valentine's Day.  We all got a special treat by a 2 hour delay due to snowy roads.  Shortly after the kids got there, we talked about our Valentine Scrapbooks(see previous post) that they were completing today.  They were sooo quiet doing this that I was truly amazed.  They finished those up, and we completed some February Fun Centers.  After that it was time for us to have our Valentine treat.  I gave the kids their monogrammed cups and a chocolate chip cookie.  They loved the cups and couldn't believe that I was going to let them take it home.  A couple of the kids said, Mrs. Drerup we are going out to eat tonight, but I am going to take this cup with me to dinner!!

Now that we are wrapping up Valentine's Day I guess I have 3 days to finish up some President's Day activities before it hits on Monday.  We don't have school on Monday, but have teacher in-service.
I took pictures today and left my camera lay on my desk, so I will post pictures tomorrow!!
As always, if ya like the freebie, let us know by leaving us a love note!! Here is the freebie that I will be using tomorrow.  One of the items on our last grade card was being able to one to one count and write the number correctly.  I am going to give it tomorrow as an assessment.

DON'T Forget that our Going Wild Vinyl Giveaway ends Wednesday, January 15 at midnight eastern standard time!!  See February 10th post to comment!!

Counting American Symbols 1-10


mcd said...

Thank you for sharing! We will definitely be using this next week.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Busy Bees said...

You are welcome! Look for teen numbers to come real soon. President's Day kind of crept up on us!

Mrs. C said...

Thanks friends!

SC Teacher 28 said...

Love the President's Day activity sheet! We are talking about presidents and American symbols next week so this will fit in perfectly. Thanks for sharing!

Joni @ kinderkidsfun.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing! :)
Crayons and Curls

Unknown said...

Don't know how you stumbled on my little blog, but I was glad for your visit. It led me to your "count the American Symbols freebie that I will use tomorrow -- thanks!!