Feb 2, 2012

Dibels Scores and January Writing Rubrics

This week has been a busy week.  We had 100th day, did our January Writing Rubric Assessment, and the list goes on. I decided to send my Dibels results home with parents because my parents have worked hard four nights a week on Dibels for a part of our homework.  My parents are going to be thrilled because their kids ROCKED on the January DIBELS!!
 I am sooooo proud of my kiddos on their January Dibels results.  Do ya want to know my secret?!?  We designed some practice sheets that I have used for homework and at school each day since about the 4th week of school and it has PAID OFF!!!  On segmentation, 20 out of my 22 kids met not only January benchmark but the END OF THE YEAR benchmark score, too.  On nonsense words, 18/22 met January benchmark and 17/22 have surpassed the END OF THE YEAR benchmark.  20 out of 22 kiddos met the First Sound Fluency January benchmark goal and this is not tested at the end of the year.  These packets don't contain anything "FANCY" because we wanted to design practice sheets that looked exactly like the real assessment!!

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Each month we have to do a writing assessment that is completely independent for the students.  I read a story, we discuss the story, write a model story together, and then the students have to write a writing sample on their own without any help!!  We use a Kindergarten Writing Rubric which you can find as a free download on our side bar.  By this time of the year, I tell parents that they really need to be scoring a solid 2 since a solid 3 is the goal by the end of the year.  I just love "grading" with these writing rubrics because it really does help me with what writing items that I need to use the next month to help drive my guided writing instruction.  I have included some samples of my writings for this month.  I had 18 students reach a 2 or higher, so we still have some work to do, but I feel great with these results knowing that there are still 4 months of school left.
Our topic on this January writing assessment was what fun things you do on a snowy day.  I teach writing by telling the kids that there needs to be a topic sentence and a wrap up sentence.  It is amazing at how well the kids understand this and put it into their writing without my help.  We talk about this every day during our guided writing time!!  Hope you enjoy and can take something away from our writing samples.  Let me know what you do that works, too.  I love teaching writing and I am always looking for creative ways to help my students be better writers!!

These next 4 pictures were from a student who received a 4 on the writing rubric.

These next 2 pictures were from a student who received a 3 on the writing rubric.  

 If you also notice...there are two different types of lines that these two students have used for their writing.  Our occupational therapist recommended that I make lines like the second students writing sample to help students who are having difficulty staying on the lined paper that is used in the first student's work.  I have about 6 kids who use "less boundaries" paper and it has been WONDERFUL for them.  The therapist told me that I will get a "feel" as a teacher when they are ready to make the transition to lined paper again.  I even surveyed the 6 students to see what they thought about using the "less boundaries" paper and they all said it was much better.  If you would like to have some of this "less boundaries" paper let us know and we will add it as a freebie.


Csavins said...

Yes - would love the "less boundaries" paper template. Love it!
~ Carol Savins
Kindergarten Teacher in Texas

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

That paper may be really good for my son...he is not really "feeling" the whole learning/handwriting thing (he's 4..lol)
First Grade Blue Skies

Busy Bees said...

I had never had to try it before until this year and my therapist is right. It works perfect for some kids!! Will SCRIBD this weekend!!

Freckleteacher said...

Thank you! I would love the less boundaries paper and I am going to head to your TpT site to look at the Dibels pages. We do not use it District-Wide yet, but I think it is coming. I would like to learn more about it before then. Your way of getting parents to work on it at home with their kids is awesome! We need all the help we can get with some of the kids. Congrats on your great scores!
Thanks for sharing...you know I am a BIG fan!

Anonymous said...

I would love a copy of the less boundaries paper. Our district requires that students entering K- be able to write their first and last names on lined paper, I teach Pre-K. This will be perfect for them! Thanks so much for your insight on DIBBLES. I learned about them in college, and love seeing how they are used in the "real world" not just the "perfect college world".

Crayons and Curls said...

Love the "less boundaries" paper! What a great idea! I have so many who struggle with writing between the lines. This would definitely help them feel more successful! :)
Crayons and Curls