Feb 12, 2012

Heart Measurement, Abe Lincoln Project, And Vinyl Giveaway Ends Wednesday

Trying to get things off of my to do list is becoming a stressful task. SueBeth and I are headed to Columbus tomorrow for an ETECH conference. As you all know...it is more work to be out of the classroom than to be at school.  We are so excited to get some technology ideas that we can use in our classroom. I am picking her up at 6:00 AM to head towards Columbus. My husband can't believe that I will be up at the same time he is tomorrow!!

This past week we shared some of our Math Centers. Here is another center that the kids enjoyed last week. They were measuring with heart rulers and that had two standards that they were working on with measurement. They were measuring and telling if objects were longer/shorter than a specific amount. They were also measuring different "Valentine" items to tell how many hearts long the items were on a given worksheet.

You can find this Valentine Measurement at our TPT Store for only $1.00

Working with partners to measure with out heart rulers to see if it is longer or shorter.

This team is working on measuring certain heart clipart to see how many hearts long the items were on the worksheet.

We made this Abe Lincoln project after reading Abe Lincoln's Hat.  We also did a writing assignment together.
More President's Day Activities will be coming this week.  Watch for some freebies. 

Don't Forget About Our Vinyl Giveaway...
Here are just some of the samples that you will get in your vinyl packet. 


laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Abe is too cute!
First Grade Blue Skies

MissSmartiePants said...

How gorgeous!!! Abe looks fantastic!!

Kylie :)

Freckleteacher said...

Hi Robynn and Sue Beth! My students will be doing several of your measurement activities on Thursday. I can't wait! Thank you for offering such fun and educational activities at a great price!
Tomorrow it is all about ABE!