Feb 5, 2012

Puppy Love Addition/Subtraction Unit and Puppy Love More/Less Freebie

If you have been reading our posts, you will know that our colored printer at school has been out of toner for about 2 weeks.  Finally this week, it arrived and my kids will be so happy.  Well, that is my kids at school because they will love the fun, new "Valentine" centers that we have made for this week.  My personal children came into our bedroom and said, "Oh, my word you are cutting things out again".  My husband can't say anything because I had him busy out in our barn making me those darn Pinterest milkcrate cushioned chairs that I have never gotten around to make this year yet.  So, I put him on a mission today to help me get those done started.  You have to know my hubby...even more OCD than what I am and loves to tinker with things.  So, I will have to take a picture of them when we he gets them done.  He bought himself some hand sander at Lowe's, too so don't feel that bad for him.  His goal is to be almost done before the Super Bowl starts.  We just have to staple the material on tomorrow!!

Puppy Love Addition/Subtraction Centers I will be using this week during math center time.

Now for our Math Centers for this week.  I will share 1-2 centers a day that we are doing.  The first center is our Puppy Love Addition/Subtraction Center.  This center allows the students to count the amount of bones and the amount of balls and add them altogether.  They record their answers on a provided worksheet.  These can be run on colored construction paper or white cardstock.  I chose both so that I can show you the center activity.  If you have access to a colored printer, the white cardstock was a breeze.  Copy, laminate, and file it for this week.  No stickers or anything else!!
The subtraction part of this center is counting the number of colored circles on the bone, then counting how many of those circles have been "X'd" off, and finally finding the difference.  Again, there is a provided worksheet so that the teacher can easily check understanding of this concept.
As I was putting this game together this afternoon, I realized that one of the colored pages that we have included in this packet can also be used to practice the standard of which has more/which has less...prove your answer.  So, I am sure you all have to do this too, so here is a freebie to "BARK" on and use with our PUPPY LOVE ADDITION/SUBTRACTION UNIT from our TPT store.

New February items added to our TPT store are:
Heart To Heart Number Sequencing To 20
Valentine and Snowy Day Graphing/Spinners
February Math Journal
Matching Love Monster Sets and Numbers
Sort and Match The Love Monsters
Valentine and Snowman Sorting For The SMARTBoard
Valentine Measurement

As always, we love your comments.  If you grab our Puppy Love More/Less Freebie let us know!!

Puppy Love Which Has More


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