Mar 27, 2012

April Math Journal Is Posted and "Fluff" Discussion

April Math Journal (click here to go directly to TPT) is up and loaded on our TPT store for $2.00.  These math journals are jammed packed of common core standards for the kids to solve.  They are so easy to copy, just pop it in the copy machine and staple when done.  
 I have the kids read it on their own first.  Then we read it together.  Next we circle important words that will help us solve the problem one step at a time.  I started using the word "fluff" with the kids.  This means it is written in the story problem, but we really didn't need to know it.  Oh my goodness, my kids think that word is a hoot.  They will say, oh that is just fluff.  We don't need to know that the birds were in the tree.  We just need to know that there were 13.  TOO CUTE!!!  We started using the word "fluff" in our reading.  That was just giving us more information, but let's get down to the main point!!

Here is just a sample of what is covered in the April Math Journal this month:

Addition  to 10
Subtraction to 10
Comparing 2 numbers
2-D and 3-D Shapes
Counting objects to 20
More, Less, Equal to

This is NOT FLUFF...We have spring break in 3 days and we are Not Counting!!!

Just started this week to really dive into the composing and decomposing standard.  We have been hitting it some the last couple of months.  I was really impressed at how well the students were doing with starting with that base ten block and counting on the ones.  We started with the composing part of numbers first.  We have a packet called Number Sets Composing Numbers To 20 (click here for direct link to TPT) on our TPT store, too.  We just started with the book on Monday and do 1-2 pages each day.  I just printed and laminated the center cards today to start those centers when I get back from spring break.  We will do some of the large group activities the rest of this week from this packet.  One of my Bowling Green University students worked individually today with the students on this concept.  She used some composing cards from our Spring Into Math Packet (click for a direct link to TPT) which has some composing items.  She said the students were really understanding this concept!! YEAH!!  


Angela said...

I totally understand!

The Daily Alphabet

Freckleteacher said...

This all looks great! We aren't using common core standards yet, but I'm working on some with my kids anyway. I really like your journals and the "fluff" discussion. I imagine that your kids will be really ready for word problems in future grades.

Mrs. Coe said...

Can I just come over and have kinder fun with your kids? I see these pictures and want to jump right in.