Mar 14, 2012

Freebie Leprechaun Trap Note and There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Clover

I sent a leprechaun trap note home with my kids last week.  I talked with the kids about the leprechaun trap and that it was totally optional.  According to my note tomorrow is the first day that the kids could start bringing them in because I didn't want to be tripping over them for several days.  However, out of my 21 kids, I would say that at least 7 kids brought them in between yesterday and today.  It truly amazes me how clever the students have been at thinking out how they could make a trap for the leprechaun.  They used their prior knowledge about what we have learned about the leprechaun to design these traps!!  I will definitely have to share these traps with you.  Learning about the leprechaun and St. Patrick's Day has definitely driven my journal writing this week.  They have written so much about the daily topic.  My plan is for the kids to set their traps Thursday to see if we will catch him over the weekend.  Be sure to snag a copy of this freebie note for next year.  Sorry about not getting it to you earlier, but it has been a crazy week at home.  By the end of Saturday, I will have been to at least 6 basketball games in the last week for our high school.

The kids have loved the book There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Clover.  These fun activities can be found in our Lucky Literacy Packet at our TPT store.We have done some rhyming with this book, word family work, retelling of the story, sequencing events from the story, and a "shape" art project of The Little Old Lady just to name a few.  Thanks to SueBeth coming to my room yesterday, she took pictures of my kids working hard on their art project of the Little Old Lady.  We reviewed a lot of 2-D(flat) shapes through this art project.  I plan on wrapping up this unit next week.  Lots of pictures coming soon on these projects!!

Students concentrating on putting the head close to the top so that everything fits on the paper. 

We have been focusing on using less glue as one of our March goals.  We did better!!

Discussed a lot of 2-D shapes during this art project.  Great review since the beginning of the year.

Students chose what color of shirt and socks they wanted for the Little Old Lady.  

We are wrapping them up tomorrow.  We will be adding lace and pearls tomorrow.  We will also finalize this project by completing a writing project!

Leprechaun Trap Note

Leprechaun Traps


Mrs. Coe said...

So cute so cute!

Stacy Johnson said...

Looks like fun! My students brought in their traps today! They turned out AWESOME and I will post them on my blog tomorrow!

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Tonia said...

I can't wait to see the finished project. Love art has a unique product for each child.

FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

Very cute!
First Grade Blue SKies

Erika said...

Adorable project especially with the scrapbook paper!

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Mrs. Tolbert said...

Cute! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. I am your newest follower!
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Kelley Cirrito said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a great Friday!!

Susie Q said...

Cute idea! I am your newest follower.

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I follow your blog. Thank you for all you share!