Mar 28, 2012

Freebie...Teddy Bear Picnic Invitation and April Math Journal On TPT

Our teddy bear picnic is almost here.  Only 2 more days!! The kids are so excited for this special day. Today we made our picnic "tablecloth" so that we can prepare for teddy bear picnic pictures and of course our teddy bear snacks. The kids did a great job with coloring an AB red/white pattern.

Tomorrow we are going to make our teddy bear headbands, do some gummi bear sorting/graphing, and continue with some teddy bear writing. I am also hoping that we will get to do a fun "BUILD A BEAR" project tomorrow, too. A lot on the plate, but 2 days before spring break, so I gotta keep them working really hard. 

Added some new applications on the ipads/ipods today and you would have thought they won the lottery. It is so fun to let students explore with some of the games because they actually figure the ones out for me that I didn't have time to critique, yet. Think this is great problem solving skills and it takes things off of my plate!! ALL FOR THAT ... taking things off my plate!!

Some of you have emailed asking for our teddy bear donation note. We will add that tomorrow as a freebie. This post we are giving a freebie of what I used for the teddy bear invitation. There are 3 copies provided for you. The first copy is a whole page and all colored. The second copy is some color and can be trimmed to have a scrapbook border which might be cheaper if you are paying for your own colored printing. The last one is one that is colored, but has 2 on a page instead of a whole sheet. I used this version for my kindergarten scrapbooks. I have a volunteer coming in tomorrow who is going to get my scrapbooks caught up. I will share what they look like over our break.

Over our break, one of the things we plan on doing is posting Our Teddy Bear Picnic unit along with at least one other unit. We do want to enjoy our spring break, too!!

Check back tomorrow on more teddy bear ideas.  If ya grab our freebie, we would love to hear from you!!

Check out yesterday' post, March 27, about our April Math Journal being posted on TPT.  Copied mine today and stapled them in less than 10 minutes.  No cutting or gluing.  Already to go until May.  

Teddy Bear Picnic Invitations


FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

Very cute!
First Grade Blue SKies

Jen R. @ The Teachers' Cauldron said...

oh my! did you really make that tablecloth (aka - draw it out?) fabulous! thank you for the invitation - I"m excited to see the whole reveal!

♥ Jen
The Teacher's Cauldron

rizo said...

Every time I see one of these, I start counting.
teddy bear