Mar 17, 2012

Leprechaun Traps, Freebie Subtracts Within Five, and Giveaway

Well, another St. Patrick's Day is under our belt.  The kids had so much fun this past week with several projects.  We posted a leprechaun trap note that was sent home a week ago with the students on making a trap at home.  Here are some of the traps that the kids made at home.

Tons of green, glitter, gold, and Lucky Charms to help us try to catch that leprechaun.

Gotta love ya a little gold glitter and Lucky Charms.

Inside of this trap was gold to help lure the leprechaun into the trap.

Pom-poms were used to represent the colors of the rainbow.  A hole was cut in the top for him to get caught.

This "Pringles" can had gold on the inside to help trap the leprechaun.

This student put gold beads inside the trap.

Green duct tape was used to help this trap look green.  Inside the trap was different things for the leprechaun to enjoy.

This leprechaun hat trap was cute.  It had a hole in the top with gold coins.

Students were enjoying their rainbow sherbert while SueBeth and another teacher's daughter were "messing" up our room for the students to think the leprechaun had arrived.

Our room was "trashed" as we came back into the room.  As SueBeth said, nothing took us too long to put back together.  But it was trashed.  I should have taken pictures of their faces when we came back into the room.  The best part was they took my Cat In The Hat and hung it up on the ceiling.  The kids thought this was the best!!

It's hard to believe that our 3rd 9 weeks ended Friday.  We wrapped up our subtraction unit.  My students loved all of the subtraction centers that we have done the last 2 weeks.  I assessed them again Friday, of course before the leprechaun came, and they did awesome on their assessment for their grade card.  For our assessment, the students have to solve subtraction problems without any help, but they can use some kind of manipulatives if needed.  

Now this week, we are going to start working on mastery of counting objects and writing numbers to 20 and decompose/compose numbers to 19. 

Jamie over at Mrs. Mayas' Kindergarten asked us to join her for a great Spring Giveaway.  Head on over to her blog to get yourself a chance to win some great units.  Our unit is going to be a Spring Math Unit that we are finalizing this week.  SPRING HAS SPRUNG in OHIO.  We are enjoying the sun and 74 degree temperatures!!

Here is a freebie subtraction St. Patrick's Day center that you can use either this year or next year.  Let us know if you grab this freebie...we love your comments!

Subtracts Within 5 - Shamrocks


Chrissy said...

The traps are adorable! We made one with yellow legos and filled it with "treasures". The leprechaun left a note and twinkies for the kindergartners :-).

Thanks for the subtraction lesson...a few of my students are having trouble seeing this concept!

Miss DeCarbo said...

Just found your blog and it is so cute! I love your leprechaun pictures. I'm your newest follower. :) Hope you can come over and visit my blog! :)

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