Apr 17, 2012

Build A Teddy Bear Project Off The To Do List and Beary Giveaway Continues

Finally, today was the day to complete our Build A Teddy Bear project from our Art, Literacy, Math, and Center Activities With A Teddy Bear Twist Unit (click here to go directly to our TPT store).  The kids had a blast doing this fun activity.  Here are some of the Build A Teddy Bear Samples from today~

We hung them up at the end of the day so that the glue could dry over night.  Going to add a title to this bulletin board area. 
The other half of our Build A Teddy Bears.  Each one is so unique!!  

This student was so proud of hers and said that she wished it was real.

Sample of one of the boy teddy bears.  This teddy bear was dressed for summer!!  I would love to be dressed for summer, too!

Don't get left behind...sign up for our "Beary" Fun Giveaway.  See our Saturday, April 14 post to get sign up!!


FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

Super cute!

First Grade Blue SKies

School Sparks Renee said...

Adorable. Love the flip-flops on the boy's teddy bear! Renee

aunt shimmy said...

WoW!!!!! Shut the front door! This is great!!!!! Going to purchase this!!!! Great job kiddos!!!!

Ashley Benoit said...

I love this! The bears are ADORABLE!


The Teachers Backpack said...

I LOVE the bears! So Cute!

The Teacher's Backpack

rizo said...

Your designs are wonderful. I've had my Robo for a while but have not yet mastered much other than simple shapes, words and numbers ! I've used your Iris a few time...it always get great comments ! Thanks for sharing !
teddy bears