Apr 16, 2012

Don't Forget Our "Beary" Giveaway and Mystery Number Bag

I started last week our Mystery Number bag because I felt the kids knew a lot about numbers.  Each student will get to take our Mystery Number bag home at least once in the next 32 days.  There is a number inside, and the student has to use 3 clues to describe the number.  They present one clue at a time, and then the students get 3 chances to guess the number.  If they don't get the number, then clue #2 is read...3 students will guess, and then finally the last clue with 3 guesses.  We started it last week and so far the students have only needed 1-2 clues.  They have not yet needed the 3rd clue!!  YEAH!!  I do 2 bags so that more kiddos can participate.  We do it at the beginning of our math lesson, right before our Math Journals. 

Reviewing Patterning in our April Math Journals.  The kids are reading these on their own first.  Then we read them together discussing important words to circle.  Then finally they solve their math journal independently.  Our Math Journals have been a fun activity that the kids really enjoy and it reviews all of the standards that we have worked on this year in kindergarten.  Click here for a peek at our April Math Journal.  Our May Math Journal will be on TPT real soon!

Student giving a clue of the number inside the Mystery Number Bag.  His clues were it is an even number, it is less than 10, and it is more than 4.  Our Mystery Number Bag can also be found on our TPT store by clicking here on Number Activities-Counting and Multiples of 10.

Inside the mystery number bag were pennies.  We reviewed the concept of a penny...who was on the front of a penny, how much is a penny worth, and together counted the pennies in the baggie to reinforce counting one-to-one correspondence.  He's one happy mystery number bag "camper"!! 
Last, but not least, don't forget about our "Beary" Fun giveaway that we are hosting.  Leave comments and see details on our post on April 14.  GOOD LUCK!!!


FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

Looks like a great time for your kids!
First Grade Blue SKies

Carolyn said...

thanks for following my blog. Love the ideas I have seen on yours, will look at more when I have a chance.

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